Rumour: Halo 3 or Halo Wars OST To Include Scissor Sisters ?

Some news that was revealed today on C4, and well depending on your views of the Scissors Sisters style of music this could be good or bad news. The Scissor Sisters were recently interviewed on the Big Day, a show which airs on Channel 4. During the interview Halo 3 was mentioned A LOT. Then came the words from the Scissor Sisters themselves, saying one of their songs was to feature on the upcoming 360 title Halo 3.

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gta_cb4261d ago

how can there music be anything to do with Halo i dont know... and IF it is true then i hope its in Halo Wars rather then Halo 3 as i dont know if im gonna be getting Halo Wars, but seriously! there music is... well i dont even have to say as nice_cuppa has stated it quite well just below this comment.

nice_cuppa4261d ago

gay pop is not for me !!!

FordGTGuy4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

and turn on your own music. Read the entire article they are only in Halo Wars not in Halo 3 and I wouldn't expect them to be since they use their own music for the Halo Series. BTW its only one song don't talk like its the only band doing the music for Halo Wars. The guy who wrote the article called G4 C4 and when the hell does G4 ever know what they are talking about?

Vamp4261d ago

Im that guy who wrote the article and it IS C4

C4 is Channel 4 here in the UK. the TV show was Big Day and THEY SAID (the scissor sisters) that one of their remixed songs would be on the halo 3 soundtrack

so it WASNT G4. as the article states it WAS C4 (Channel 4) and it was quite simply...

FordGTGuy4261d ago

I don't get C4 in America and you can't say that it didn't seem like a mistake in spelling. I don't usually call Sci-Fi Channel C244.

Also in the article they said its (unofficially)confirmed that they are only in Halo Wars not Halo 3.

Vamp4261d ago

well actually I never said it was confirmed for halo Wars as it isn't?

and C4 is the name of the channel, thats what we call it you call Sci-fi channel, Si-Fi channel and we call C4, C4!

crazyman4261d ago

I live in the UK and have never called channel 4, C4. Its either 4 or channel 4, so it threw me

FordGTGuy4261d ago

BTW I was thrown off because when I think C4 I think high explosives not channel 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.