Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake on January 1st?

Either the staff at one of the world's biggest gaming websites has gone mad, or they know something we only dream of. For some reason, Final Fantasy VII's page at has a release date inside: January 1, 2008. I highly doubt the release date is real, but are hinting that we should expect a remake announcement soon?

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NewfZ4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

This is just a rumor, but I wouldn't dismiss it yet. Ever since Enix joined Square they've been whoring out Final Fantasy like nothing else, especially Final Fantasy 7. Whats stopping them from releasing a remake of the most famous game from the series. I wouldn't mind it myself but I would sincerely hope they release it multiplatform on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy 7 literally has fans all over the world, not all of them are Sony addicts. A lot have moved onto other consoles since then and it wouldn't be fair to alienate them from such a great game.

Babylonian4257d ago

Just buy a PS3. I think deep down inside you know it's only coming to PS3 and you hope that it is otherwise. But nobody is alienated, alienated is if the whole series is moved to another console brand than the one it was previously on.

Don't get your hopes up for it to go multi IF it comes.

frostbite064257d ago

Yah like when they moved from nintendo to sony. Oh wait, nintendo still get those gba/ds games.

Babylonian4256d ago

I was commenting on his comment about alienating. At that time Square was developing FF for the N64, but when they heard that Sony was coming with the PS they went into that direction..

In the US and europe Square had only released 3 titles for the Nintendo systems. So by putting number 7 and the rest of the series on the PS brand it did't really effect alot of people cause many had't layed FF even yet until FF 7.

As you commented youself Nintendo got the GBA series which were all released origanally for their Nintendo system. But to go now at this moment to another platform brand, that would be alienating.

big_tim4257d ago

Jan. 1. So, that is just a place holder. It would be noce to see this game redone. Keeping my fingers crosses.

BlackIceJoe4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

I this would be a game if true Sony would want real bad to only be on the PS3. Plus it could be real SqaureEnix said that a game people would want to see would be coming soon and they would show it at the SE party or what ever it will be called. Plus 1up some times lets games slip out before game publishers what the public to know about them and if this is true. This could be the big game that could really help sell the PS3.

ALIEN4257d ago

FF7 is the best RPG ever.

Auron4257d ago

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Lex Luthor4257d ago

Wrong, ff6 is a better final fantasy than 7, 7 is just the most poppular

Rybnik4257d ago

I tried to bring this to the attention of the N4G crowd, but I'm not a contributer yet, so can only do so much, good job.

1up is the only site I have ever seen these particular captures from the trailer, and I think it is quite clear that these are NOT CG even though they almost look like it in motion and further were created in 2005. I really do hope this remake comes to pass. Anyhow, this I think is quite a decent taste of the incredible quality the white engine possesses.

soul4257d ago

Yes, you brought this to my attention and I thought it's very interesting. You have my sincere thanks.

And, yes, I'm a huge FF7 fan and a remake will be great. Will probably make the PS3's popularity go skyrocket...

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