My Summer Vacation 4 - Japanese Breasts TV Spot

GameTrailers: "Why do girls have breasts?"

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Parapraxis5497d ago

Now THAT is a misleading thumbnail =(

qface645497d ago

its not what i think it is
is it Dx

Narutone665497d ago

Umm, some guys have it too. It's called Man b**b. But they look gross on a guy. ;)

CaptainKratos5496d ago

man boobs lol. i better start working out before i get those.

Mo0eY5496d ago (Edited 5496d ago )

Moobs, moobies, mitts or mitties, take your pick. Also known as b!tch tits, breasticles, and chesticles.


maadsheikh5496d ago

its because before we are born we all start off female. As we grow more and more in the womb, testosterone makes us male and stops us getting breasts

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Mo0eY5496d ago

I'll answer this question:

So guys will be caught looking at them so the women can gripe and complain when they see where the guys' eyes are at.

My response:
Don't show them off if you don't want us to look.

Mo0eY5496d ago

Have you Xbox dweebs creamed your pants yet? :D

saimcheeda5496d ago

they are gays so why would they be attractedto breasts like us :P

infekt5496d ago (Edited 5495d ago )

^^ lmao. Theres one guy that hit the disagree button for you, saimcheeda.

Mr Face Creamer5495d ago

I bet your typing this as you moo your pants.

This must be the highlight of the month for both of you lol. Good for you.

da720izcumin5495d ago

so is this some kind of a trap?
cause i dont c any boobies...
o well, as an ass man, i shouldn't even b here...
@ saimcheeda , there is no such thing as a gay xbot (j/k)

saimcheeda5495d ago

i was just kidding, dont take it personally!!

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