New DIRT Video

New video from Colin McRae DIRT.

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FCOLitsjustagame4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

The initial track seemed to have a looonnnggg loading time, but like the info it gave and when he had to restart the race the loading time was not bad at all

I still question the controls because of how crpy the guy was driving at first, but he may have been demonstrating physics of the spewing dirt being kicked up or something like he demonstrated the damage modeling. Its hard to tell if that was what he was doing since I don't speak his language and the video is not good enough to see the dirt on the ground. I did notice his second drive through was much better.

I must say based on very bad quality video that the game still looks pretty darn nice. The menu interface seemed nice too.

Mikemach4260d ago

I agree on the Driving aspect of the game. Every video I've seen so far of the Dev's playing it, they can't drive worth a sh%$. If they can't keep it on the track by now this far into the development they should consider the difficulty factor some more and tweak it. I'm sure they will but damn that one video the cat was off the track on the buggy's 90% of the time. They game looks incredible besides that. I'm loving F1 and Motorstorm and look forward to this one on either my 360 or the PS3.

BIGBAER4261d ago

Between hours spent touring Oahu, Hawaii with Test Drive Unlimited and tournament qualifying attempts with PGR3, I know full well that DIRT and FORZA 2 will eat up any time I have left... in fact, I am certain Dirt & Forza will get the lion's share of my attention. Am I complaining? HELL NO!!! Bring 'em on!

FCOLitsjustagame4261d ago

Burnout 5 and PGR4 will not be slouches either. Then the possibility that Flat Out could be good.

I am not someone who can sit a play a driving game until done like I can a Shooter, RPG or action game but it looks like I will have to learn to be more dedicated. I already own TDU, PGR3 and have borrowed Ridge Racer. I want Burnout 4 but at this point I am waiting for it to be cheap and by the time that happens I will have probably 4-5 other racing games. And I STILL need to do much much more in both TDU and PGR3. Dang, it looks like I will be doing a lot of racing in the next year. These games all seem too good and too different to choose between.

BIGBAER4261d ago

FCOLitsjustagame, I've been playing TDU since its release. I know all the secrets and cool places. If you haven't been to Eden Island, the Drag Strip, gotten onto the Airport, seen the battleships in Pearl Harbor or jumped hills in one of the many golf course, feel free to send a friend's request to BIGBAER dot COM (Gamer TAG).

As we've both stated, there's a lot of driving ahead!

FCOLitsjustagame4260d ago

Cool BIGBAER I will may do that. I have had TDU for a while now but still am at the very beginning. I keep getting distracted by all these other games. This is a great year to be a gamer. I just hope all the consoles can keep up this pace. It seems like there is a great new game every month.

@triniwi yeah I think an HD vid would tell us a lot. The loop running at first when he was talking was that video you can see on HD on Gametrailers (I think) but even though they say it is game engine I still wonder how much CGI is in it. The gameplay is what I really want to see in HD.

level 3604260d ago

Impressive choice of in-car camera shots alone, has got to be a plus when playing this game. And the surrounding areas have a nice look to it, and with a cool aray of trucks, buggies and rallye cars this is going to be one of those games that's going to rank-up there at the top.

schnodder4260d ago

will look good on ps3 ... but not so good on 360 .. trust me!

hamburgerhill4260d ago

Whatever you say buddy! Should look good on both!

God of Gaming4260d ago

You are going to be so let down...

Extra Guy4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Everytime i see your avatar i just feel really happy, is that the Vegas Jesus? It's just funny and relaxing somehow.

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