Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Prices

TGB writes: "October 22 will be here before you know it, and that means that in just a few months, PC users everywhere will finally be getting their hands on Microsoft's new operating system Windows 7. Until now though, the prices of the various versions (full and/or upgrade) were the only major unknowns left to be revealed. Well, wonder no more."

SKUD5497d ago (Edited 5497d ago )

And you thought it would be cheaper. BAM! THERE IS IT!.

xwabbit5497d ago

isn't w8 coming in 2010 lol ?

FamilyGuy5497d ago

Being a "pirate" I can't believe people actually spend this kinda money on software, it's ridiculous.

I know companies have to have legal copies but how the hell do regualr people end up paying for that?

Defectiv3_Detectiv35497d ago (Edited 5497d ago )

Its no wonder PS3/360 users are so divided, two completely different lines of thinking.

Now that Vista tanked, and MS is on the ropes, they are finally going to come out w/ the OS they should have released a while ago. And I'm sure it will shamelessly rip off MacOS.

Typical MS though, get your consumer's confidence, then release a new version of the product every year and do the bare minimum to improve it.

You might as well just buy a new PC for that kind of money and get windows already installed on it for free!

IdleLeeSiuLung5497d ago

It is simple. You buy with a computer or buy an OEM version (with some hardware) instead of stealing. Yeah, pirating is just another word for stealing and anyone that steals is a thief.

bjornbear5497d ago

Ripping off is also a form of stealing isn't? Such costs for a new OS is stealing from the missinformed public...pirating this is probably more just than paying these snakes.

Bob Dole5496d ago

Stealing from Microsoft is like stealing from Walmart.

chaosatom5496d ago

with their 'new' OS now.

I'll go back to XP, if I was Microsoft.

morganfell5496d ago

Look: It is cheaper, more reliable, more innovative. And it's free!


IdleLeeSiuLung5496d ago (Edited 5496d ago )

That is just the inner pirate reasoning you are using.

MS prices their product according to supply and demand, if you don't like it don't buy it. There are alternatives such as Mac OSX (for Macs obviously), many Linux flavors, many Unix flavors and older versions of Windows.

This is no different than Coach handbags are sold many times their real design and manufacturing cost or even Apple products. Nothing new.

MS is not ripping you off if you don't buy it. However, I'm sure MS prefers you steal their software than go with a competing alternative (free or not).

I hate it when people justify stealing by some weird logic. Stealing is stealing and there is no justification for it.

Based on my phantom disagrees, there are some thieves out there!

ChozenWoan5496d ago

From what I've read, Linux has been used for 64bit computing since 98 by Pixar and Lucas Arts. The only reason most PCs are just now entering this new era is due to Windows gimping the entire industry by being so slow to adapt to the advancements in technology.

Yea I'll pass on Windows7, cause if I wanted MacOSX I'd get OSX. Then again Apple is just as anal about it's products so they can suck a penguin's toe for all I care. I've got a PC with xp/kubunto and a mac with OSX10. I really hate the mac the most as it doesn't even feel like it's my pc, it's as if I'm just borrowing it.

My next PC will be 100% Ubuntu powered. The amount of software and security is second to non. Yea, you have to jump through hoops to play PC games, but that's what my PS3 is for. So soon I will be throwing windows out a window and the mac can go along for the ride.

Pirates bad.... but we all have sinned so I'm not one to cast a stone.

cherrypie5496d ago


You _clearly_ have a problem with math.

hay5496d ago

@1.5: Piracy to stealing is like cp to mv, but I can see dark side of logic is strong in you.

Back on topic.
It's abvious that MS is ripping their software consuments. After getting a$$ raped buying Vista Ultimate you're going to need a lot of lube if you want to upgrade to 7 cause more cold love awaits behind the corner.

Pirating MS' software is far from morally doubtful. Consumer just don't have much choice if he wants to be a PC gamer or use most popular software. Glad I don't play much, I can stick with linux.

bjornbear5496d ago

By your logic IdleLeeSiuLung, Microsoft isn't stealing its just "doing what it feels is right", that can be applied to annyone that doesn't believe the price is justified and pirates it.

Cooperations steal from the public everyday.

Redundant design - planned redundancy = creating a product with a purpously limited life cycle so that after a certain point it WILL stop working, forcing the user to get a new product.

This is a known concept in design (my area) and it's as literal as stealing.

MS are infamous for this, they know they will have customers if they release a new product,no matter the price (obv within logical limits) so they release these things knowing they will sell to the uninformed masses / companies that NEED new operating systems.

Its stealing at a cooperate/ comercial consumer level. Yes pirating is stealing too, i won't deny it, but it doesn't mean just because a company does it that its OK, when an individual does it its WRONG

You just sound like a corrupt PR if anything =P

gaffyh5496d ago

These are ripoff prices, goo thing I'm not gonna pay for it. Should be getting business edition for free :D

Serg5496d ago (Edited 5496d ago )

Stealing is taking something away from somebody so you end up beeing the only one who has it. Duplicating software so that the original owner doesn't lose it is not stealing, it's called piracy, not stealing. Thinking that 1 downloaded copy equals 1 lost sold copy is the logic of a moron. I'm not justifying piracy but calling these people thieves while defending a moneysucking corporation makes you a giant idiot I'm sorry.

dragunrising5496d ago

What people fail to realize is that Windows 7 is more affordable than ever. Ever since Windows 95 the premium version of Windows has run for around $300. "Consumer" versions have run $200. If inflation is taken in effect, which no one seems to take into account, Windows 7 is the cheapest Windows yet.


Also, most people do NOT need Window's 7 Ultimate. Home Premium is more than fine. For a limited time, owners of XP and Vista can upgrade for $50 and $100. After July 11th upgrades will be $120 and $200. How is this expensive and why do people assume they NEED the most expensive version? Entitlement does not justify piracy.


LoVeRSaMa5496d ago

Ill pay the same price I pay for all "Windows" products...


Scerick5496d ago

Thanks for that link, I just snagged 2 upgrades.

andron5496d ago

I'll keep enjoying my free Linux Mint system. MS and Winos free since 2007 and loving it.

And you don't get Winos for free when buying a new pc. You get it cheaper, but you still pay for it...

FFXNo15496d ago (Edited 5496d ago )

WTF! this is their response to MacOS, too bad Snow Leopards (10.7) new Mac's operating system will be lot cheaper. The upgrade for Leopard is only $30 bucks, yes only $30 bucks. WTF is MS thinking?

This is just a Mac OS rip off.

diatom5496d ago

They should be giving away 7 as an apology for Vista