CinemaNow launches Wii movie streaming service in Japan

TGB writes: "CinemaNow, the company that's over the years brought streaming content (and often Frisbees) to such varied devices as the Samsung P2, various Dell PCs, and the Xbox 360, has announced that it's partnering with Fujisoft to deliver flicks to the Nintendo Wii."

qface645508d ago

oh not outside the japan =|


The Industry Needs To Modernize These 6 Fantastic Classics

The Simpsons: Hit and Run, The Legend of Dragoon, and Chrono Trigger would benefit substantially from a modern remake.


The 'Kawaii' Is A Nintendo Wii The Size Of A Keychain

Modders have cooked up something pretty special – a Wii console which is small enough to fit on your keys. A wee Wii.

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10 Underrated Wii Games You Should Play

The motion-controlled maverick of a console that had everyone from age 9 to 99 swing a TV remote to bowl and painstakingly recreating themselves as Miis, had its share of hits, but even so, some titles didn’t quite get their due.

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Friendlygamer6d ago

If you beat la mulana without guides you're either crazy or really smart

YoungKingDoran6d ago

Love this game (played on Vita) and i think i got pretty far, but never finished because i refused to look up a guide 😎

Friendlygamer6d ago

Same with me, played for like 50 hours, found a puzzle I just couldn't crack and decided to let it go. Great game

Venoxn4g6d ago

Madworld deserves a remaster .. such a great game!

gold_drake5d ago

that thumbnail tho ha

i hate snakes ha.