Enterbrain president: FFXIII and MGS 4 to help PlayStation 3 sales

Hirokazu Hamamura, The president of Enterbrain, which is the publisher of popular Japanese magazine Famitsu, gave a lecture about the current status of the console market.

He stated that unlike the Wii, the PlayStation 3 has many exclusive games that belong to famous franchises, all previously released for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The bad thing is that most of these games don't even have a release date and that raises doubts among the fans. Once they are released, however, Hirokazu Hamamura assures that the PlayStation 3 will be in better situation than it is today.

He gave Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 as an example. As the two most expected titles for the PlayStation 3, once they are released the console will sell many units just because of them.

In addition, Hirokazu Hamamura claims that the PlayStation 3 might be cheaper by the end of 2007 due to Sony's new chip technology.

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jwatt4260d ago

Heavenly sword and probably Killzone.

BubblesDAVERAGE4260d ago

This game is will be good but not wat people expect..Its becuase xbox fanboys overhype it and say sony compares it to halo ..which they neva said

Sexius Maximus4260d ago

You're saying the success of this game is based on 360 fans...thats a strange turn.

Marriot VP4260d ago

oh ok, based on their CGI trailer

that's all you have to go off of

BlackIceJoe4260d ago

I am starting to believe the rumors about Sony lowering the price of the PS3 by 100. I can see Sony being able to do that know that the 20 gig has been killed off. This way Sony can get people that only wanted to pay the 20 gig price a better offer.

Plus even if Sony does do that and makes some people mad Sony know in the long run it would be better for them.

TheMART4260d ago


What's more interesting.

MGS4 and FF made by 3rd party.

Konami and Square-Unix, both commercial companies optimizing their profits. Shareholders that want to see hard cash. Cash is made on the 360 with 11 million users out there that buy 5.3 games per console average on attach rate, compared to PS3 now 2.8 million units sold selling something around 3 games per unit world wide.

Gears sold over 4 million copies in a few months. There are 14 games that sold over a million copies and some of them over 2 million. Why you'd think that other former PS exclusives came over, like GTA4, DMC4, Virtua Fighter 5, Virtua Tennis 3, Assassins Creed, Fatal Inertia, Bladestorm...

Could go on. Fact is, MGS4 and FF could come over. If this sells the PS3, what's the effect if these games also come to the 360. It'll be a HUGE blow to the PS3. Plus: the companies know they make big bucks with it on the 360.

I'll say it's a no brainer. MGS2 has been on XBOX 1, FF has been on 360. Could be a timed exclusive, they come for sure...

MaximusPrime4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

did you say MGS2 not MGS1? too bad. MGS came out on Playstation FIRST not xbox.
FF7 came out on PS but not on xbox. only ONE FF came out for xbox360 whereas 6 FF came out on Playstation. now add another FF13 to the list and bring the total to 7 FF.

Xi4260d ago

might want to look at what was released on what and. the big N had MGS and FF first, then they were changed to ps0. Also MGS has had titles released on other systems than the sony brand, Xbox and gamecube both had mgs games last gen.

fenderputty4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

is the same. You should have a word document with this, and a couple of your other repetitive posts, so you can copy and paste next time. This would save you tons of time. It would also enable you to spam more PS3 threads with more banal posts of yours.

zantetsuken4260d ago

Give up fanboy. How many times must the companies confirm exclusivity? This is getting tiresome. You've beat the horse to the point of nonexistence.

schnodder4260d ago

dude what's wrong with you? you're on crack? ps3 is better than 360 so what's the problem?

TheGoodMART4259d ago

yess he is :(
I am his good tween and ever since grandpa gave him his first crack pipe he has been acting strange!!

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