Left 4 Dead patch released

Valve has released an update for their survival shooter Left 4 Dead, now available on Steam.

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red2tango4498d ago

Great! Mind putting L4D2 in that update too? :P just kidding

Winter47th4498d ago

And they still give console gamers the shaft, how surprising of Valve.

Pandamobile4498d ago

Do you people ever shut up?

It takes like a month to release a patch over LIVE and PSN. There's some retarded authentication process that takes a couple weeks.

For Valve to release a patch over Steam takes 2 minutes because it's their service.

Winter47th4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Are you retarded..

Survival mode was released on the Xbox360 one day before the PC version.

Valve fixed all the glitches in the PC version, but the Xbox360 ones are still there, Power Shot, Ghost Slashing, Speed Crawling..etc

The PC doesn't have connection issues, but you'd be lucky if you could finish one chapter in the 360's without the infamous "You connection with the Server has been lost".

Unreal Tournament III, Little Big Planet both have mod-support, L4D and anything Valve puts on the consoles don't.

L4D on the 360 is nothing but a shameless propaganda to their STEAM crap, there's "STEAM Powered" logos all over the place, what does this have to do with the Xbox is beyond me.

Get you head out of you self-righteous-PC-nerdasmic-As s before you start bashing anything console.

pumpkinpunker4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

"The PC doesn't have connection issues, but you'd be lucky if you could finish one chapter in the 360's without the infamous "You connection with the Server has been lost"."

Seriously? the game uses the private servers for the 360. Stop blowing smoke up our asses because you're a butt hurt fanboy. I have both versions and as far as connection issues they're both the same. PC might even be a little worse.

Winter47th4498d ago

The PC & Xbox360 both use Dedicated Servers, which is a first for Valve and a huge **** up, the game supports Peer2Peer but only in very rare cases when you give the Matchmaking system the illusion that there is no close Dedicated Server and it'll mercifully and most needed graciously grants you the ability of hosting.on.your.own.connection , thus you becoming the server.

Now if you would crawl out of which ever rock you came from in the last 4 months you might have known how well the PC version is supported, how many patches were released and how many errors had been ironed out while those same errors are still plaguing the 360 version, including the "Your connection with the Server has been lost", but you're too l33t to know that your highness.

Pandamobile4498d ago

Sounds like someone is jealous of the PC Gamer treatment from Valve.

Winter47th4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Jealous? what are you 5 ?

I paid for an unfinished product, I expect to be treated like everyone else, but instead Valve isn't supporting it because they're either retarded at developing for consoles or they simply count on the Pc l33t bots such as your self to say lohlz getz teh pc version noobz.

Grow up.

Edit: So in your narrow minded theory if someone's pointing out the problems in a game to be noticed, it's considered b!tching? haha, kid, what-ever.

Pandamobile4498d ago

You grow up. All you do is b1tch and complain. If you don't like the game, don't play it.

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ThanatosDMC4498d ago

Whatever happened to our mall campaign?

Pandamobile4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

I wasn't bashing anything. I just said it's a lot easier and faster to release patches and updates for PC.

Valve are PC devs first and foremost. Take a chill-pill.

Leathersoup4497d ago

I'm boycotting this patch!!! I'm outraged!!! ;)