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shingo4545d ago

great :D

coming July 2nd!

Prismo_Fillusion4545d ago

Wow and for only $9.99! A lot of content.

Simon_Brezhnev4545d ago

yeah i might as well pick this up

Blaze9294545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

maybe its just me...but you guys really have gained excitement for this?...or is it just because its a PSN exclusive? I think its the latter becuase this game looks like some crap...honestly. But hey, that's just my opinion. $10, $5, free and only 8p versus...still looks like crap. I mean seriously...just LOOK at it. Maybe I'm missing something.

mastiffchild4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

So what will that be when the UK gets this, £5.99 or so? That's a hell of a lot of content for the money and even if the screens are hardly KZ2 quality you just can't go wrong at that price can you?

Quite like The Punisher as it goes and hopefully this can be a cheap L4D type shooter in terms of it's controls and purity-if the modes are good and weapons well balanced this could well be a real bargain but that price tag makes me worry that this might be too good to be true-surely there's got to be some reason for the budget price as it's REALLY cheap.

menoyou4545d ago

looks like left4dead and at the right price that left4dead should be at also lol

Chubear4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

that looks better than The Conduit and it's 10bucks in opposed to 50 for the wii game. Even looks better than cellfactor and has SP & MP. This one's a no brainer.

RememberThe3574545d ago

It looks damn fine to me, for being ten dollars.

xwabbit4545d ago

Blaze is a hatter, nvm him

pixelsword4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

It depends how the game is made; besides, isn't that what people say about Gears of War? That's a great game, so I don't see why this one would be bad based upon an identical trait.

And how much did Duke Nukem for XBL cost again?

chaosatom4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

Like bioshock + resistance.

For $10, this is great.

MasterChief36244545d ago

Definitely looking like a great game.

Though I am starting to think that we will get what we pay for, and the single-player will only be a couple hours long... no big deal, though. As a big Punisher fan, I'm extremely excited for this game.

Zen Studios works wonders, that's for sure :D

sonarus4545d ago

I can't decide whether it looks more liek resistance or left 4 dead

Chubear4545d ago

online and offline Co-op (with insanely ramped up AI & BOTS); online MP with up to 8 maps (4 big/4 small); 3-4hrs of SP campaign (dependent on your skill level); Story done by Chris Baker at Marvel; Trophies; 1080p support <info from company's team member - Zsolt K>

... if you dont' support these developers you need to just flush your head in a recently used toilet... multiple times. Even if shooters aren't your thing you NEED to support these guys so other developers can see how affordable game development can not only be lucrative but help you keep your creative talent integrity.

I will post a review of the game with the first wk for sure and will clearly tell anyone who's reading if it's nothing worth it even at 10 bucks... but with all I seen... wow.

ABizzel14545d ago

Wow this looks a lot better gameplay wise and graphically than when they first showed it months ago. And for only $10 this game should garner up so sell, and a lot of PSN time.

Kleptic4545d ago

looks like lame old UE3 to me, visually I mean...but still looks fun for the price...

Syronicus4544d ago

He's not right in the head. Just click the ignore button and move on.

As for the game, it looks good. As for the gameplay, it looks like it will be a wild ride. The game is well worth 10 bucks if they keep the DLC coming for future updates and new maps which I imagine they will.

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OGharryjoysticks4545d ago

At 45 seconds into the video I saw a leg get blown off :)

snaz274545d ago

maybe it was 46 seconds in then? lmao god there are some jealous 360 fanboys lurkin today aint there? lmao

blaze... ony 8 player versus? doesnt halo3 only have 8 player versus? and ive had 360 fanboys tell me thats the best fun ever! or am i missing something? lmao, anyway game looks good from where im sitting, obviously no killzone but for that price you would be a fool not to pick it up! ill be right on it.

Cloud Strife VII4545d ago

ONLY ON PS3™ Entertainment SYSTEM.

snaz274545d ago

hmm maybe its not ps3 exclusive then? hmmm perhaps the 360 is getting it too afterall? lmao

Ju4545d ago

Ah, my blunt attempt to get a disagree for my comment above failed . LOL! Usually you always get at least one.

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