Epic to Wii: "No soup for you"

In an interview Interview here , Mark Rein and Cliffy B have revealed that, they have no plans to support the wii. This might be a very huge blow to Nintendo as their current line up of games released and in development shows tremendous first party support and they fall short heavily in third party support. Do you think wii is doomed because of the lack of third party support?

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BubblesDAVERAGE4264d ago

They really dont make that many games besides GeOW and UT...So its a lost but not that big of a lost

CyberSentinel4264d ago

This is exactly why the Wii is not a long term threat to either the 360 or PoS3.

FYI - yes I do have a Nintendo Wii. I bought it for its first party games, and maybe some new creative games. My serious gaming will of course be done on 360.

BTW - where is Punchout!(Nes) or Super Punchout!(Snes)?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4264d ago

I hope so! Nintendo needs to wake-up and join the 21st century in terms of technology. Gimmicks can only carry you so far.

unsunghero284263d ago

I think the majority of third parties know how good an idea it is to support the Wii after the strong sales it has shown. One publisher alone isn't a big loss, and while Epic makes some great looking games, I don't think anyone thought they would work on Wii.

PhinneousD4263d ago

that's why you get two consoles, a wii and a 360, in my opinion.

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