Gamespot Review: Mortal Kombat II

While the original Mortal Kombat certainly created a stir, it was Mortal Kombat II that absolutely blew up and made Midway's fighting game into a series that continues on to this day. The 1993 arcade game did everything you wanted a sequel to do: It gave you new characters, a healthy number of new moves, cutting-edge graphics (well, cutting edge for 1993, anyway), and a perfect reason to hang out in seedy arcades at all hours of the night. It's been successfully ported to multiple home machines over the years, and now it's back again as a downloadable game for the PlayStation 3.


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specialguest4266d ago

Yeap, I agree that the online mode seems rushed. Sure you'll get to play online, but who you challenge is random.

Firewire4265d ago

Ok when I read the article, in my head it sounded like Adam Sessler was giving the review! No more G4TV, and x-play for me! Good to know about the online though, I was thinking about downloading the game, now not so much!

Anego Montoya FTMFW4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

the online`s not that bad.

you can pick who you`d like to play from your friends list.
send them invites and stuff.

don`t not buy it cause this guy convinced you the online`s sux.
it`s not the best but not the worst.

down w/ sessler and g4(their the worst)