Lost Planet PC vs Xbox 360 screenshots comparison

Some screenshots from the PC version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition compared to the Xbox 360 version and some information from the enhancements garnered from the DirectX 10 resources.

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TheMART4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Well there are diffences... But are they noticable while playing the game? Even with these freezed screenshots I have a hard time to say it blows me away what is enhanced.

Does it justify a PC rig with Vista and a DX10 compatible GPU which will cost you at least 2.000 dollar or Euro to build compared to 400 for a 360 premium? Don't think so if you ask me.

For real. I don't understand PC gamers. Use to be one myself, upgrading every year with another 300 to 500 Euro for GPU, Ram and whatever. But I'm glad I don't anymore. 360 for gaming, the PC for office stuff. Never wanna go back for gaming to a desk with a keyboard and a mouse. Those are made for typing and pointing the mouse onscreen, not for gaming if you ask me.

@ eques judicii (below)

I think you're partly right. Ofcourse, a PC can be upgraded constantly so will outdo a console with 'old' hardware over time in specifications


A PC runs Windows XP/Vista. Takes up what, 600 MB of the RAM. 1 GB average for users, so 400 MB left. Ofcourse 2 GB has more leftover.

The GPU in the 360 is a special build ATI 1900XTX with custom stuff that hasn't even appeard on PC GPU's like the extra fast 10 MB embedded RAM. The API control is DX9 based, but MS has left it flexible so the API control can do whatever they want they're not bound to DX9 and can do on top of that effects that are in DX10, it might even do things other/better then DX10 because it's so flexible.

The PC is made to do everything, allround. The console/360 is designed to do one thing best: gaming. A specialist always gets better results with less resources. It's waisting less power to achieve the same.

I'll have to wait and see how Gears will run on a normal gamersPC (I am not talking about a 3.000 dollar/euro superPC, it'll be similair then I guess).

There is a difference this gen with last gen. Last gen consoles had 'old' PC hardware when they launched. The XBOX 1 had a Celeron 733 Mhz CPU (how long was it out before the XBOX launched) a Geforce 3 GPU (same) and 64 MB Ram (too low if you ask me, even for that time).

This gen around, when the consoles launched, and the 360 launched, a triple core CPU @ 3.2 Ghz, a 48 pixel/shader pipeline GPU and the other stuff wasn't that common in PC's. So in general, it should hold longer with better or on par graphics.

Prey is a bad example if you ask me. It was a straight port, not done really good. THe 360 could have done better there. About the same with Oblivion. The only reason the PS3 is a tad better, is because they spend a full year extra on it. If they had the time with the 360 version extra, it would be better then the PS3 version.

A good example is Doom III or Half Life 2. If you see those games on a Celeron 733 Mhz CPU, a Geforce 3 and 64 MB running with that good graphics, that smooth, that good and you wanted to run them on the PC you needed a medium/high end PC.

Thus. I agree. A constantly upgraded PC can't be outdone with the hardware in a released console. BUT seen on those games like Doom III, HL2 combined with the fact that this gen consoles hardware is more high end compared to the last gen consoles when they released, I believe we can see equally pretty games on 360/PC, sometimes when special build they might even outdo their PC counterparts because of the universal 360 hardware compared to all kind of PC setup.

I think in Lost Planet the differences are very small. Less then Prey probably. I think the differences for Gears of War will be none or very small. Ah we'll see in the future!

@ Kyur4ThePain (below)

No, I won't buy an Elite like I said before for the following reasons:

1. I dislike black. It's so 80's. Don't like the PS3 for that. Don't like the Elite for that.
2. HDMI is not needed under 42" it's not that much better. I don't want it because HDMI is copyright restrictions on video. I have 1080p through VGA
3. A 120 GB HDD is nice, but I still have room on my 20 GB model. Because a lot of downloaded stuff you don't view anymore after a while. I can make my own 120 GB model with the hack from TheSpecialist on the harddrive for 50 dollar also.

So nope. No need to upgrade my great white 360 premium indeed. The games don't get any better with the Elite in graphics, do they?

@ Deepbrown (below)

Dude. It's not all about bandwith. First, tell me how much it comes short to do DX10 effects dude. Not every effect is about bandwith. I am talking about the API Control flexibility. ANd i've seen different calculations of bandwith, where the total of the 360 was bigger then the PS3's bandwith. If you are so certain of what you're saying: give links, and tell me how you thought it all out dude.

GPU not special build? Yep it is. Because MS has the rights of the design and hasn't have to pay ATI to use their design. They bought it. Unlike last gen when they had to 'lease' it and earn less.

It IS special build. It can have kind of core similair to what ATI makes for PC. But give me one PC GPU that has the 10 MB extra fast embedded ram as an extra die on the primairy die of the GPU. Just name it. That can do 4 x FSAA and HDR without any performance drop of the main die. It's not an 1800 for sure.

It seems you don't know what you're talking about. Instead of only denying stuff can you actually give facts talk gen and give links? Thanks in advance

EDIT @ Deepbrown again

I edit this post because it's better to read together and 2. Sony fanboys are hitting people on their bubbles because the truth is painfull.

The extra 10 MB extra fast ram with 4 x FSAA and HDR for free link (since you don't supply facts and links I will)

"ATI did clarify that although Microsoft isn't targetting 1080p (1920 x 1080) as a resolution for games, their GPU would be able to handle the resolution with 4X AA enabled at no performance penalty."

Deepbrown Pwned nr. 1

Now give me your link from the developers you say it can't do it that way. It will be a nice read. Because you don't have any

Then the ATI 1800/1900 special build lies you spread:
It's clear. 48 pixel/shader pipeline only the 1900 has it, link:

Pixel Shader pipelines 48

Vertex Shader pipelines 8
Pixel Shader pipelines 16


"So what does the R520 architecture bring to the table exactly? For starters it is not the 32-pipeline architecture it has been rumored to be, it is half that, offering just 16-pipelines"

So you say the 48 pixel/shader 360 GPU is based on a 16 pipeline one. Uh duh right.

"Official RADEON X1900 Specifications

* Codename: R580
* Process technology: 90 nm
* over 400 mln transistors (G70 contains 302 mlns)
* FC package (flip-chip, flipped chip without a metal cap)
* 256 bit memory interface
* Up to 1 GB of GDDR-3 memory
* PCI Express 16x
* 48 pixel processors"

Deepbrown pwned nr. 2.

Now will you gonna start giving links and facts instead of spreading nonsense?

ps. Another addition to this all about the API control flexible

"While most modern GPUs share many architectural similarities, Bob Feldstein and Chris Evenden of ATI went out of their way to explain to me, no matter how hard I tried to convince them otherwise, that the Xbox 360 GPU is very much an original creation. While some will try to tell you that is it simply a modified DirectX 9 GPU, you might be interested to learn that the only API spec that the Xbox 360 hardware meets is its own API. That is correct, the Xbox 360 GPU only meets it own Xbox 360 API specifications. While of course some lessons learned in DX9 and upcoming DX10 were applied, the GPU of the Xbox 360 is very much its own and comparing it directly to anything in the PC world is simply “not right” according to Mr. Feldstein. Obviously, the Xbox 360 can be thought of as a very innovative solution specifically for the Xbox and only the Xbox."

"Yes, the 10MB of Smart 3D Memory can do 4X Multisampling Antialiasing at or above 1280x720 resolution without impacting the GPU. Therefore, not only will all of your games on Xbox 360 be in High Definition, but they also will have 4XAA applied."

PWNED dude. Get your brown nose out of Barbie Kens ass

EDIT again for your latest additions Deepbrown:

"I will gladly provide you with links when I have time to go and find them, but I'm not some dude who knows nothing about this. This information is from developers who work on said platforms. You'll have to bear with me so I can find the information you so eagerly desire."

Oh please when I have the time to go and find them. You spend more then enough time on here, so you can go find them now. You're not some dude who knows nothing about this? I actually think you are. Just like DJ claiming stuff but never able to back it up. Say things and then when it has to be proven... They are or straight lies or the marketingbull of Sony themselve.

Tell me why should you be knowing something about it? Plus yep for sure, you're doing this kind of stuff because you favour the PS3. You know it's actually kind of sad. You don't truly want to speak out probably because you find it adequate that other readers here think you're unbiased. Those are the fanboys in disguise as I call them.

DJ, Deepbrown, Gamr, Truth and some more. I'd rather have straight fanboys so you know where they stand, then that sneaky stuff. You and Gamr post Sony positive and MS negative news and then in the messages suddenly you seem to try to be unbiased. Right.

I think you don't know much about it for real. Those dev's you name, just say which one and what's your relationship with them. I would be really surprised if you can show some facts and links to support your bald statements dude

marison4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Now a almost full time console gamer.

You are right about upgrades, but I have used some argument with a hand of "console for live" friends that is possible do intelligent upgrades and play some more time with the almost same rig.

In the past 4 year, I have only upgraded my graphic card once. And I have sold my old Geforce 2 for 50% of the price of my Geforce X1600Pro. Too money, but I'm a smart guy. Not bad for me.

Some of the "console for live" friends have changed their PS2 2 or more times (laser cannon problem). With the game price difference, they have dispose of more money than me.

eques judicii4261d ago

are of course going to be there because pc's can have more power than the 360... especially now that the 360 is over a year old, technology improves and computers track the improvements continuously while consoles track the improvements every half decade.

its pretty straight forward actually... does this mean that the game looks bad on the 360? no! just like prey, the game will be slightly improved on the pc because there is more computing power and more available memory (lots more!)

i'm still happy to have played it already and not have to wait ;-)

Kyur4ThePain4261d ago

Funny how the tune changes. Will the difference be noticeable while playing? You mean like the "differences" you like to point out in multi platform games? But now you won't notice small differences?

And you say you moved away from PC gaming because of the constant need to upgrade...I guess you're not getting an Eite then.

overrated4261d ago

again the mart is proving he is a hypocrite.

BIadestarX4261d ago

Kyur4ThePain, overrated, You guys are just pissed up. What would anybody get an elite for the games? all 360 SKU play the games the exact same way. If it helps you you can consider the PC as another microsoft SKU since technically the PC(DirectX10) is a XBox with steroids. mmmm.... is that a bad thing? What's funny is that microsoft already started working with the next XBox, learning, testing with the PC. The elite (and you already know it) simply brings a larger hard drive and hdmi which means crap in terms of gaming (Gears is 720p does not need a hard drive and yet no game has being able to match it in terms of graphics on the 360 or the all might and powerful PS3).

Kyur4ThePain please give me an intelligent explanation; Why would you need to upgrade your 360 the elite sku to play this game?

Kyur4ThePain, if you already own a 360(I know you wouldn't) would you get a $2000-$3000 to play just to play this game?

Unless you have good reason or already own a high end PC, these games are release on the PC for those Sony fanboys that are to proud and wouldn't want to own a 360 ($399) but are too stupid and are willing to pay ($2000-$3000) for a game that is being out for half a year on the 360.

techie4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

I commend your mission mart, but this

"The GPU in the 360 is a special build ATI 1900XTX with custom stuff that hasn't even appeard on PC GPU's like the extra fast 10 MB embedded RAM. The API control is DX9 based, but MS has left it flexible so the API control can do whatever they want they're not bound to DX9 and can do on top of that effects that are in DX10, it might even do things other/better then DX10 because it's so flexible."

is bull. The 360 just doesnt have the bandwidth to keep up with new and future PC games, played at high setting sof course

"The GPU in the 360 is a special build ATI 1900XTX"

Thats also not true, its based on the r520 which was the x1800....bearing in mind that the x1900 came out a year AFTER the 360.

**edit**I never said it WAS the x1800, I said it was BASED ON the x1800...and if you say special as in "unique" then that's fine, but it is NOT based on the x1900

"That can do 4 x FSAA and HDR without any performance drop of the main die" - this is also untrue, any developer could tell you this.

My comments are informed enough to realise that you are making things up and the fact is if a developer was to read what you are writing now they would have a good laugh. PS. why are you saving your bubbles, just reply to me directly.

pps. a PC uses around 400mb for I can see on my computer right now with windows running and many other applications. Remember a PC set up for graphics will also have on board memory on its graphics card. As well as most gaming PC's will have 2gb of memory

ppps. "I'll have to wait and see how Gears will run on a normal gamersPC (I am not talking about a 3.000 dollar/euro superPC, it'll be similair then I guess)." Isn't that a contradiction?

I will gladly provide you with links when I have time to go and find them, but I'm not some dude who knows nothing about this. This information is from developers who work on said platforms. You'll have to bear with me so I can find the information you so eagerly desire.

If you think I'm doing this to big up the ps3 you are sorly wrong. No where have I mentioned that platform, I have only mentioned the 360 and your comments in comparing it to a high-end PC. Mart this isn't about pwning or whatever you call it, this is about having a discussion about these things and if you cant do that in a mature manner then what is the point in engaging in a conversations with you?

bobbybrown4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

God that mart kid is funny. He keeps trying to convince himself about his console choice... and fails miserably every single time even when he writes a page long about it LOL!

Vavoom4261d ago

Whenever Marty post something, there a a few of you guys that just pounce on him no matter what he says. I beleive that if he said that the PS3 was a great machine, you all would jump in a call him a fibber and discredit his comment. NO matter what he says, you tag teamers ALWAYS jump in with your two cents. I no longer thinks it's about the debate anymore, you guys are making it personal; which is a shame.

It's not even a fair comparison to compare the 360, ps3 or any other console with a Gamer's PC. The PC should win hands down. I also noticed that the screen shots were NOT taken at the same resolution for both systems. To make it more fair, they will have to lower the PC resolution to match that of the 360. We already know for example that 320x200 is not going to look as good as 640x480 on a 22 in monitor the you have onboard video memory and other varibles.(just an example).

But, back to "The Mart" I have read his comments and sometimes he does my wild comments (as do all of us) but, yall take the bashing sh!t too far and you never let up. Grow UP!

techie4261d ago

Mart I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to inform you who. But that's irrelevant. You'll get your links in time. Note I have not countered you to belittle the technology of any of the products, but there were many half-truths turned into a few lies in your post and I felt it was helpful to point them out.

I post news of all sorts, good and bad, but mostly I post news about games. Don't you think that's what was important. I tried to stay up to get the news and screenshots on too human, but it took far too long...IGN were a bit slow. There is no convulted selection process like you who would jump on a piece of Sony FUD as soon as possible. Also I find it amusing you wouldn't like to talk or be friendly with someone who prefers the ps3, even if they own a 360 ;)

Links will come in time marty. As I said you're welcome to diss the ps3 against a high-spec PC.

FadeToBlack4260d ago

The GPU in the xbox 360 is an early version of what will be the R600 series that will be released this summer by ATI.

dantesparda4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Ha ha ha! you people actually think that it takes a high-end PC to outperform a 360, Aha ha ha ha, yea, you's just keep telling yourselfs that, LOL! Oh yea, and it has to cost 2 to 3 thousand dollars to do it,... right ;-) Ha ha ha ha!!!

Oh yea, and you have to upgrade every year, LOL!! righ, right! if you people really believe that, than you's know nothing about PC's, and having had been a gamer on one, doesnt mean you really know your sh!t. Oh yea, and Vista sucks! its just bloatware (can you say WindowsME?), XP performs much better on games than Vista does! All Vista is good at is opening my programs faster at the expense of actually making games run slower (POS!!!). Oh look, ma! Yahoo messenger opens a couple of secs after. But how do they accomplish this? By loading all your frequently used programs in the memory (the RAM) even if you aint using them. Wow! how efficient. No thanks, no wonder it takes up 400-800MB's while in idle! Its cuz its got all those programs loaded and running in the background to speed up the opening of those programs. No thank you! i'll stick to the XP method which is far better in my opinion. Oh and how nice of MS to try and force us to move up to Vista by not letting us install DX10 on XP or giving us a SP3, but good luck on that MS, cuz i bet you the hackers will make it happen, they always do.

The 360 can barely run most games over 30 frames per sec, while running at only 1280x720p with 2xAA on average, with mid-res to some high-res textures. Weak! oh yea, they'll tell you they are high-res textures, but everytime you compare it to the PC's version of the game's textures the 360 usually looks weaker, closer to PC's version mid-res textures than it is to the PC games high-res texture. But no, you's wont believe me, cuz you are a bunch of fanboys who cant see the truth. Go ahead, i dare you to compare them. If you got a game on both compare the graphics quality. And if you claim the graphics are worst on the PC than i wanna know what are your specs and your settings. And this has been the case since the 360's release

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ThaGeNeCySt4261d ago

the differences are there... just not something that's making me go crazy or feel the need to upgrade my pc... both look good though... glad i've been playin since Jan =)

ben hates you4261d ago

the ps3 and the 360 will have their limits were pc games basicly have no limits, but if you have extremly high needs for a pc game not everyone has directx10 vista and all that fancy stuff i do so i will be looking forward to crysis

snoop_dizzle4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

I'm a console gamer. Really the only games i play on the PC is well the C&C games and Age Of Empires. The rest of my entertainment comes from my consoles.

Even though i have a decent computer.

calderra4261d ago

Simple point:
How much do you need to pay for a retail computer that will run Lost Planet such that it will look better than 360? That's the beef with PC gamers. You spend maybe $3,000 on a gaming rig and then exclaim you have teh b3st gr4phics in your neighborhood.

Well... I mean... of course you do. If you were to buy a Ferrari, you'd also suddenly notice that you got to destinations around your city faster. It's amazing to think about, I know.

highps34261d ago

Thats how much it cost me to add an 8800 to my PC.

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