New Too Human Screenshots

17 new screenshots from Too Human.

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ACE4259d ago

its come along way , one of many top games on the way to the 360 cant wait.

Vojkan4259d ago

looks mediocre at best. Lost Planet standard game. Far from Gears or something like that quality. Definitely downgraded.

_insane_cobra4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

It actually looks much better than any media they've released earlier. Plus, it finally has a smooth frame rate. :)

I love what they've shown so far. My expectations have been insanely high, but this video preview didn't disappoint me.

EDIT: I'm talking about the IGN Weekly video preview from which these "screenshots" (because they're just simple grabs) have been taken. Check it out here:

TheMART4259d ago

Vojkan you need glasses dude.

Watch the IGN footage also. Plus it will be optimized, this game still has some time to go as it won't be released before the end of this year or maybe beginning of 2008.

It looks great already, much much better then DMC4 if you can compare them slightly in the fighting scenes

ThaGeNeCySt4259d ago

i'll wait for those pics to be full res before i pass judgement... still getting this game regardless though

id dot entity4258d ago

The low resolution is also bothering me. I mean... Doom 2 looks good in low res too.

Of course, this looks better but still... the high res screens will make a final conclusion.

ITR4259d ago

After seeing Eternal Darkness for the GC from these guys...Too Human should be awesome in following similar story line arcs

SK needs to finish this game, so it can start working on ED2 for the Wii.

I need to see the sanity meter once again!

overrated4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

looks great

Too Human this is waiting. Sorry had to do that, the mart does it to any other game, but now he is waiting what a hypocrite.

to martyboy thanks for proving your a hypocrite moron.

TheMART4259d ago

So you say that waiting on all games for the PS3 is the same as this one Too Human game?

The PS3 has no blockbuster, no system seller right now. Motorstorm and Resistance are allright but not all that.

The console was delayed, a half year for Japan/USA, a full year for Europe: This is Waiting

No AAA next gen games available still 5 months after launch, when competition is out (that's a huge difference with the 360 launch): This is Waiting

Sony promised a XBL smashing online service @ launch. Wasn't there. Now @homo is announced for fall. We still have to wait and see what it is like. This is Waiting.

You compare all that waiting to this one game? Must be braindead then

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The story is too old to be commented.