PS2 Is Kicking Xbox 360's Butt, While PS3 Dies

It's no surprise that the PlayStation 3 hasn't been a big hit. And obviously the huge price tag and lacking software lineup has been the prime cause of what looks like an early demise of Sony's next-gen console. Surprisingly, though, the PS2 has managed to sell more units month-on-end than the Xbox 360.

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TheMART4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Saying some true stuff there:

"In fact, the PS3 has only moved 123,000 units in February. And that’s not just disappointing, that’s embarrassing for a brand spanking new, next-generation video game console. But there’s no reason to beat around any invisible bush – we all know that the PS3's price point and lacking software lineup is the reason it’s dying."

"Eventually, though, the PS2's library of new games will dwindle in importance as 2008 nears, and Sony will actually have a problem on their hand. When the Xbox 360 and Wii are carrying heavy third-party exclusives for 2008, Sony is either going to have to have the PS3's software support shaped up, or they’ll have to be ready to slip out of the race altogether. Next year at this time, the PS2 will definitely not have the staying power it has right now. So it’ll be crucial for the PS3 to have games that at least justify its pricing. Otherwise, gamers will flock to either the Xbox 360 or Wii, which will surely drop in price come 2008."

PS2 selling so much is a no brainer if you ask me. It's 99 Euro now overhere in The Netherlands. THat's the money one has in pocket when going into town to spend on all kind of things. Even families. Presents for birthdays, Christmas, any of that events 100 dollar/euro is pretty normal these days.

400 euro/dollar or even worse, 600 euro/dollar isn't a present anymore. That's a mortgage indeed.

And that's why the PS2 sells like hot cakes. Heck I even advice people to buy a PS2 to have the great PS exclusives that are out there, since there are none yet on the PS3 and for the next gen experience with a real descent online one, buy a 360

THat's 400+100= 500 dollar/euro for the best gaming experience combined ever. DOn't forget to buy Gears of War, FNR3, PGR3, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Rainbow Six, God of War 1&2 and a couple of other great games with it though ;) cost ya another hundreds of euro's/dollars but well :-)

@ ud (below)

Sony king of hardware?

Oh yeah tell that to me and all those people that had their laser f*cked up in their first year or shortly after with their PS2. Couldn't play games anymore.

You know Sony's lasers are known to be bad quality? I would be afraid with the PS3 laser dude... Don't play too much BR movies otherwise your games also might not load in time. Ow wait there aren't so many good games for the PS3 so that ain't a problem then!!!

@ fenderputty (below)

So Eidos is God? I know developers that are more important that are saying otherwise.

I see the decline in PS3 sales. After those blind lemmings that bought the console @ launch for 600 dollar/euro normal gamers aren't buying them, period. Not in Japan, not in USA, not in Europe. Not even an Eidos boss can make that different, not you, anyone.

It's reality dude. Like it or not.

bobbybrown4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

you are desperate. You i and both know that the 360 will end up losing in sales or just have a red ring of death because Microsoft SUCKS at hardware and should keep doing software.

sony = king of hardware

Edit @Mart : should i bring up the 360's percentage of failure ? yeah.... i thought so...

the 360 is also the console who freezes the most that has ever been released on the market.

fenderputty4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

On one hand, you can accept the ramblings of some moron who knows nothing about video games when saying the PS3 is dead. On the other hand, a CEO from Edios says the PS3 will outstrip 360 sales in a year and you all claim he's insane.


LOL @ .... man what a stretch.


Thanks for completely ignoring what I brought up. Eidos > Cinemablend

Ignoring the basis of my argument was fun though wasn't it?

Rockstar4264d ago

...and as we all know if the hardware sucks the games mean nothing.I'm hoping that they fix the hardware issues on the elite so that i can feel confident purchasing a 360 instead of throwing in a bigger hdd and tacking on an hdmi.

I want one but i will not buy one until im absolutely sure that it wont overheat in the middle of a game.

That power brick also sucks but i may have to suck it up on that front.

xfrgtr4264d ago

HAHAHAHA!!!!TheMart, I really feel sorry for you,you should seek psychiatric help

Kastrol4264d ago

is just sad its just that bad MART it has become pathetic your flaming

seriously dude just stop it for your own good

ER1X4264d ago

You get dumber by the day.

BlazeXXL4264d ago

I've been reading this website for almost a year now, and by far you are the most annoying person on this site. Because of you, I had to signup for N4G, even though I believe fanboy 'wars' are for complete asswipes.

I come from the same country as you do, and I'm ashamed that I live in the same place as people like you. It disgusts me, and makes me wanna move. Please get a grip, or at least tell em you're German...

grunt3604263d ago

@All the above PS3 fanboys and the ones below

You just can't face the fact that the Xbox 360 is the superior machine even at every aspect because the Xbox 360 has the potential to keep on going, like the new keyboard coming out this summer. We have the superior online service, superior games and superior periphals and hardware even though a small percentage has had problems which should be expected from any high-tech piece of machinery. And anyways, we are talking about the PS3 here. Who was the console who the press was covering the most? The PS3. Who was the console which was complimented because of so called high specification componants? The PS3. Who delivered the product that has the most broad set of features, games and periphals? The Xbox 360.

TheMART4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

@ BlazeXXL

Dude, I am ashamed of you. You know you may not take personal attacks on persons within the rules of this website, right? Having an avatar with 'I hate TheMART' is all that.

Plus, you're talking about Germans, but you know they did stuff like this, setting up to hate during some years right? To lead other bad persons wanting to have one person or a group to shut up by hating? You sound more like a specific kind of German then me dude.

I give my vision in my posts. If you disagree you can argue. Heck you can even say some fanboy stuff I don't care. But you can't play it on the person. You just crossed the line. Maybe you should move, to Germany then. Oh wait you hate them also because you actually say if I call myself German it's allright.

It's all hate, right?

Peace dude. If you get by your senses and start posting facts I'll reply on you. Otherwise I hope they get you banned for personal attacks


"And again, if you claim that I am personal attacking you, fine, no problem. Cause, that's exactly what I'm doing. Do you really think I give a sh!t if I get banned? I just want your sorry ass of this website, since it's a very informative site, which is always up-to-date."

Fine, enjoy it how short that'll last. Many Sony fanboys have tried that and didn't succeed. Ah now I see, you own a PS3. That says enough. It's sh!tty right to have no games to play and only BluRay movies to watch. That must have gotten you this hatefull.

"X360 has got good titles, PS3 got good titles"

Name me the real good titles on the PS3 out now worth 600 Euro.

Resistance and Motorstorm are the only descent ones, the other multiplatform are best on 360. Resistance is a mediocore shooter with just above PS2 graphics and Motorstorm is short.

Oh and I play my console and the 360 users on this website that are my friend know that :-) a lot on many games

BTW people like you work like a red carpet on a bull. I'll only post more and more and speak my mind even more often. Have seen Sony fanboys before come and go, talking like you. You'll be gone sooner then me dude

BlazeXXL4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

I only signed up here to flame at you, since the only thing you can do is start fanboy posts. You aren't really helping N4G get popular, so I don't understand why they don't ban you.

And again, if you claim that I am personal attacking you, fine, no problem. Cause, that's exactly what I'm doing. Do you really think I give a sh!t if I get banned? I just want your sorry ass of this website, since it's a very informative site, which is always up-to-date.

I really like to read it, but when I see your biased comments on the Playstation 3 section, I already know it will start a flamewar and f*ck up every goddamn comment.

And why do you now start the 'personal attack' sh!t? I mean, that's always gonna happen when you post in the Playstation 3 section. It is you that got all the hate inside, since you're always making a mockery out of the Playstation 3. Get a life, please.

X360 has got good titles, PS3 got good titles, both quality machines. I chose for the PS3, you chose for the X360. Now play your machine instead of posting garbage on this website.

BlazeXXL4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Well, I didn't spend 600 euro for the console because of the launchtitles, my heartless friend. I spend it to play White Knight Story, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid 4 and let's not forget Folks Soul, which will all come this year or in 2008. I don't mind to wait, you'll see me on Home waiting.

Those are the main features I bought a PS3 for. Really, I considered buying a Xbox360, because of Gears of War. But, I thought, heck, let's save some more money for the PS3 cause of all those great RPG's and variety in games. I loved the PS2, and I really do believe the PS3 will end up just like its predeccor.

peksi4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Agree with BlazeXXL 100%. You are free to be a fan of some system and hang out on it's forums but please stay out of other forums if they are of a system you don't appreciate. I have no interest in 360 for now so why should I read about it then? And why should I take part in conversations about it? I'll gladly let 360 fans talk about it without me interrupting them.

Shoving your opinions down the throat of others is just what nobody wants. And annoys the hell outta me.


hey mart, speaking the truth again

damn are they building a cross around here to hang you from?

wasting $600+ on a 3DO with an ego seems to make people really bitter!

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Bigmac5734264d ago

What the fvck do they know about videogames?

THAMMER14264d ago

Is still good. But I do not think the PS3 will fall out all together. There are some variables trhat could cause it to. But it would have to get the point that the sales just drop off the map for an extended time frame.

tk4264d ago

will be upgrading to a PS. Amazing how much life is still left in it And when PS3 is selling like hotakes long after the X360 is dead and buried, TheMART will post how the PS4 is "dying" while the PS3 is selling like crazy and kicking the XB720's but.

As the writer corrected the news item "reports of my death has been greatly exaggerated"

THAMMER14264d ago

Your whole rant is just what you want to see happen for you favorite brand. You have no idea if this is how that is how things will pan out, no one dose.

The sales of the PS3 are disappointing on reality. You should not be so hateful over this it is just the PS3. It is not like gamers have a reason to go buy on other than that (the brand name) yet. We all thought MoterSTORM and the killzone 2 hype was going to work but it did not. So Sony needs to hurry up and pump out some games that make every one want to spend the cash. So far the bank is bet on FF XIII & MGS4. They better be good. I mean $600.00 good. Ya dig. If not then Oh No you mite have to buy a 360. J/K LOL

Sexius Maximus4264d ago

The reason people are buying a PS2 is because they can't afford anything else. The Xbox 360 is more within reach for them as an upgrade than a PS3. Price is the one and only thing that matters to SOME people, and those are the people who are buying PS2's. They know it's not the "best" system anymore, but they can't fork over any more beans for a decent system (PS3 included) That's the only reason the PS2 is still on shelves...they're cheap. Come NEXT generation, that will the 360's advantage over the PS3. Sony has done a lot of this right, but they have an uphill battle this time around...It'll be fun to watch.

grunt3604263d ago

Upgrading to a PS? Eh? But anyways, the point is that PS3 aren't selling like hotcakes, obviously. Look at the stats:
Xbox 360 sales: 10,451,041
PS3 Sales: 2,842,362


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PSN Starfleets4264d ago

I'm surprised. Why are people buying a PS2 when they can save up just a bit more and get a 360?

Are people that poor?

r10004264d ago

Maybe they want more variety then "JUST" first person shooters.....

grunt3604263d ago


Just FPS? Are you kidding me? Their is Halo, Far Cry etc. which are only FPS and besides, except from Halo which is an Exclusive to Xbox 360, all of them are on other consoles so shut up. And lets have a look at what you just think are FPS.

Project Gotham Racing-Driving
Viva Pinata-Family
Mass Effect-Roleplay
Gears of War-Third person shooter

And don't forget that these are all exclusives, and of the many of games.

scarlett_rg4263d ago

It's because they go into the store with their $250 to buy a Wii... but can't find one... so end up settling on a PS2.