Natal Could be Xbox's Death Sentence – Oh the Irony…

NextGN writes: "The dictionary defines Natal as being a relation to birth. I guess that Project Natal is supposed to represent the birth of a new era of gaming. Unfortunately, Project Natal is more of a birth defect than it is a step into the next generation."

Stryfeno25504d ago

Which idiot wrote this article? How can the author be taken serious when his/her name is FiLTHY ESKiMO?

PeterPanParadox5503d ago

I don´t think anyone has actually read the article. The title maybe a little bit of an attention grabber but there is nothing in it that suggests flamebaiting or fanboyism. I agree. Project Natal is launching a little too late through the console´s lifecycle.

Boody-Bandit5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

oh the irony

Kill Crow5503d ago

"oooh ..Sony could counter by making their new controller integrated with the PS4 " .... WTF ... in 2020 ????

This is so lame how did it get approved ... it's not news ...

snaz275504d ago

anyway no 1 thing is gonna kill any platform! if anything was gonna kill off the 360 it would have been the rrod/e74 fiasco! which to this day still boggles my brain why anyone would still buy a product that is known to fail! i know it costs a abit less at first (well for the arcade atleast) but why cant people just wait and save up for the better more reliable machine? which also has a built in blu-ray player! its just beyond me to be honest.

hay5503d ago

Cause the 30% of the article tells about PS3. I bet you didn't read it.

StanLee5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

The article is poorly written and retarded. Look, Natal's launch doesn't mean Microsoft abandons its core market or stops supporting core titles. These articles are getting more absurd each day.

edgeofblade5503d ago

You know the answer... why 360 continues to sell...

Because Microsoft spent a billion (probably more) on supporting a replacement warranty. It would have been great to have a machine that was more reliable, but normal people don't really care about the console war and won't waste time obsessing over the criteria of "best".

If MS fixes the broken console, most people are happy. Only the people who still have a bone to pick with Microsoft would still obsess over it on principle alone... like you, Snaz.

Syronicus5503d ago

Or when my console would overheat and refuse me the RROD. Glad Best Buy supported me though! Thanks god for in-store warranties. Xbox 360, I can't quit you!

As for Natal, if it does not perform 1:1 motion capture when it is released then it will flop. From the looks of it they are doing well with it but they have got to make it work near flawlessly.

PeterPanParadox5503d ago

Re-read the article Stan. Where does the article mention that they are considering abandoning their core market. This article simply hints that Natal is being launched too soon.

StanLee5503d ago

Look, these articles need to just stop. They're speculative, and pointless.

AAACE55503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

People will buy what gives them the entertainment they want!

Last gen, I bought 5 Ps2's because they kept breaking on me, and I know that other people have bought at least 3 (minimum). Hell, my brother in law bought 8 Ps2's. But no problem, I already knew that stuff like this would happen once they went from carts to disc.

To alot of people, they are well invested in their console. For Ps2, I kept about 30-40 games. Why would I want to throw away all that money on fun games, when I could just get a new system? I guess the same goes for the 360, except this gen, I try to keep my collection around 20 games, while I rotate games in and out!

The way I see it, these consoles will die on us for one reason or another, primarily, because they have moving parts! It's even worse for 360 and Ps3 owners, because with all the power these consoles have, you never know what could upset it and cause a malfunction.

(If you look closely, that was straight talk, no fanboyism)

About Natal.... Alot of people seem to be confused as to what will actually happen.

For example, with the Wii-mote, you can play motion games or turn it sideways and use it like a regular remote. It will not replace the current 360 controller. They are just offering different options. Some games will use it, some will use just the controller and some will use both! Natal will kind of be like the Eye-toy, meaning it is only necessary for certain games and interfaces. This could get those older Wii folks playing games with their kids.

gamingisnotacrime5503d ago

What happened to the original xbox owners ? We got REALLý screwed with only 2 halos and the rest of the games were not on that tank, (reason why i got away from gaming, since i did not have a PS2).

Natals objective: take a piece of the Wii market share. Once they start making their money on the casual families, u are done my friend. MS is greedy dont give a fk about the consumers and it shows in EVERYTHNG they sell. Windows gets worse by the year, 360 is just taking some games from multiplats, kids like u still get shafted the Gold Membership. I see u getting the bad deal in this one, since u have faith in a company that could not care less about the gamer

IndigoProductions5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

Seriously, Stan. Where would we be without opinion and speculation? It is part of the industry. Reviews are nothing more than opinions.

Besides, the author does bring up a valid point, and I agree with him/her. Maybe Microsoft will reconsider and postpone Project Natal until the release of the next xbox console. I am not exactly the richest man in the world, I want to get my hands on Project Natal but if they release it next year I just may have to skip it. There are a bunch of awesome games coming out next year, and to be honest I´d rather start saving for the next generation console.

5503d ago
Syronicus5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

You sound upset... Let it out man, let it all out. Tell us how you really feel.

*sits back and cracks open a beer*

Sounds like you could use a trip to the libation station.

really duh5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

" You sound upset... Let it out man, let it all out. Tell us how you really feel."

Funny thats How I see #1's post and frankly the rest of the Sony fans wishing Natal will fail hence the PS3 fan 4 to 1 ratio in all Natal articles.

You didn't feel #1's comment was a angry rant when you agreed with him?

People need to stop being scared this paranoia and desperation is getting out of hand.

5503d ago
Ju5503d ago

Don't get why people are so upset with the article (BTW: read the comments there. Can't say those are all Sony fanboys).

What he just says, is that, if they introduce the controller that _late_ into the 360 life cycle, it might alienate the current 360 base. If they go ahead and replace the 360 with a new Natal based console, well, same - because its to early in the 360 life cycle to replace it with a new console.

But, as Nintendo has proven, Natal will only work if the whole experience is build around it. That's the same like the Wii-Mote would not have worked as an GameCube add on. As soon as people have a choice for a controller or a "wiggle", you split the market, and give developers less incentive to support the motion controller. That's all he's trying to say, and I can agree with that. I am really curious how MS will pull this off. They could simply introduce a second 360 based casual console, and keep the 360 as their hard core product - not sure if that'll work, either.

really duh5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

1) How can a console fail because of a peripheral? no one is upset folks are making fun of this rubbish article(BTW its the same PS3 fans in every Natal article or known anti Microsoft fanatics).

2)A new peripheral no matter the stage in a console's life adds options to any current user and new users. Its a ridiculous assumption and foolish! to think core gamers will feel neglected as if Microsoft will drop traditional gaming.

3)Microsoft says over and over again Natal is a stand alone peripheral and all Xbox owners can use it, making up bullshit talking points based on rumors from excited 360 supporters and anti Microsoft haters is moronic at best. Rumors of the camera built in the console doesn't make sense from a design standpoint(consoles on top of your flat panel HDTV?, in front of your TV?, huge bulky cosmetic console redesign?. Natal Bundle perhaps.

4)Full Natal support will no more split the market than any other peripheral out now or coming on any platform in the future.

Its clear you don't know enough about what you are talking about to comment on this why would Microsoft have to make two different types of xbox 360's to have a successful peripheral?

Natal's Promise...

* Facial Recognition in games and on dashboard

* Voice commands in action shooters and other endless apps

* Full body control in fighting/dancing games the list goes on

* Custom processor running proprietary software can be coded to do full 48 joint 3D tracking *to* tracking single objects giving the opportunity for developers to make games that track 2 or 3 points/points in 2D allowing them to make motion stick accessories for Natal like Wiimote but more advanced. Devs could also code games that scan objects so Natal could track these objects in the place of a Wiimote wand to begin with.

Natal is the hottest thing in gaming since E3, the world is excited.


RememberThe3575503d ago

It is based on stupid assumptions and terrible analysis.

This article is a failure...

really duh5503d ago

Hell even 360 sales in Japan jumped after E3.

Jaces5503d ago

I'm not going to beleive anything about Natal until I see some real proof that this could work with Hardcore games among other things they've promised it to be capable of.

Theres nothing wrong in doubting this, in fact there are many reasons:


-"Bam! There it is"

-No real footage of actual Natal use, and no the showing at E3 doesn't count seeing how it was puppeted behind the scenes.

-People already have a wii

The last one I'm very fond of because you can say "oh well this is full body motion sensing technology" but the kicker is that they don't care because what they have is the same as Natal (in their mind).

really duh5503d ago (Edited 5503d ago )

You don't have to believe anything! it was the only new motion tech/software with games built for it at E3(demonstration games) *not counting Wii motion-plus* and had hands on sessions for the public/stars/media.

The only other company that had shown games with their new tech was Nintendo. So to believe in something else and not this is forced when actual people from the floor from all walks of life played Natal and loved it(devs are excited and kits have been sent)

Who in the hell is disagreeing with my comment 1.18?


360 sales have been at 8k