SCEE to Detail PS3 Motion Controller at Develop Conference

DevelopMag writes:
"SCEE's head of developer services Kish Hirani will be giving the coding keynote at this year's Develop conference - and he'll be giving much more detail on Sony's new motion controller debuted at E3."

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Cajun Chicken3801d ago

Why don't they make those balls into cubes? I think they would look a lot better.

sinncross3801d ago

I think it will change but the I think the spheres are needed for sensor to work:
This is just a hunch but the motion sensor works because the playstation eyetoy is able to read the angle of the light itself and not because the controller is just being turned.

If that is the case the sphere would make for a far more smoother transition when bending/ turning the controller unlike a cube which could very easily hamper the motion controller because it is a more rigid design.

Thats just my view but like they said at E3, its a prototype model at the moment.

Syronicus3801d ago

If it offers true 1:1 ratio of motion capture then I could care less if it looks like a giant shlong. Make it work then worry about the looks. Heck, the Wii Motion Plus with rubber grip makes the Wii-Mote look like a girls best friend so who cares if the PS3 controller has a ball on the end of it.

SprSynJn3801d ago

"If it offers true 1:1 ratio of motion capture then I could care less if it looks like a giant shlong."

Funny enough, that is exactly what I thought it was when I looked at the image above. Seriously though, I have high hopes for that wand.

myothercar3801d ago

Thank God I'm not seeing schlong in everything I look at. Some of you should talk to a therapist about that.

The Great Melon3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

@Cajun Chicken
I believe it is because the PlayStation Eye reads the diameter of the sphere. The closer the controller is to the camera, more pixels are filled up and the sensor determines it is closer. The light allows the sphere to be uniformly illuminated so the camera always picks up a constant signal. If the controller had some other kind of polyhedron on the front, the camera no longer has such a simple identifier to judge distance. It must factor the angle of the device and the shape of the light source. The simplicity of the current design might be part of the reason why it works so well.

darthv723801d ago

it would be cool if there was a full mocap suit to jump around in. A new singstar special edition to let you be in the music video would be kick azz!

Oh...the eye can only see two balls. Unless you had like 20 cameras all around you, my idea wont work.


+ Show (4) more repliesLast reply 3801d ago

or they could make it a semicircle? but I think they went with the ball design because the PSEye finds it easier to track, they'er probably going to make the ball smaller.

MainEv3nt 693801d ago

hopefully they announce the name for this motion controller

TheTruth893801d ago

Its called Playstation Wand.

Half-Mafia3801d ago

ive been calling it the DualMotion, sounds right to me.

sxpacks3801d ago

I call it the PS3mote
or DS3mote

xabmol3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Brace yourselves...

Gloves. Spherical, lightweight, lite-up, CHEAP, Boxing Gloves.

See where I'm going with this?

sxpacks3801d ago

Are you thinking what Sony has thought of a couple years back?
The PS3 Glove?

xabmol3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

But think WAY cheaper. Basically just imagine putting a ball that the PSeye can track over your hands. It would be easy to produce and give us a real 1:1 boxing game.

Can you see it?

I recently had to reinstall windows on my pc and have yet to put photoshop back on it. Otherwise I'd give ya a quick mock up.

MGOelite3801d ago

please tell me thats not the same sorta analogue stick as the psp one, looks similar

El Botto3801d ago

Sony has struck both MS and Nintendo hard. This new game changing device will be the turning point of motion tech.

MGOelite3801d ago

its not more advancded than natal but its much much more useful for gaming

Marcelles253801d ago

i love how people think natal is advanced it isnt
motion capture has been around for years just not implemented into games
except for making animations

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