Spawn Kill Editorial: Oh, I Wish

Molotov Cupcake of Spawn Kill writes:

"Games are always packed with items, superpowers, plot devices, and vehicles that I wish I had. I realize that they're fictional stories, just like we find in books or movies. It's so different, though. When I'm reading or vegging out to the television on the couch, I'm actively detached. I'm a spectator. When I'm gaming, however, I'm actively involved. When I play Portal, I'm actually creating portals with a special gun to get myself out of sticky situations–even if it's just with my mouse."

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K-Tuck3793d ago

I wouldn't mind having a Super Mario Cape.

tigresa3791d ago

Haha totally captures the gamer in us. Nice editorial, I'd like a freeze ray a la the attractive young hand from Bioshock.