God Of War 3 In-Game Graphics To Rival CG Render In The Coming Months

On the line at E3 representatives of the game said that the graphics weren't done and that the game still has alot more polish to go through. When asked if the game will rival the CG trailer from E3'08 they responded saying

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xhi43793d ago


One Game...apart from Uncharted, GT5, The Agent that I would do anything to play is.....

God of War 3!!! The excitement is literally eating away at me!

SaberEdge3793d ago

God of War 3 is going to be a great looking game and it is one of the games I am looking forward to next year.

solar3793d ago

means absolutely nothing to me if the game isnt fun. which im guessing GoW3 will be.

SnuggleBandit3793d ago

of course God of War is gonna be fun! has there ever been one that wasn't??

El_Colombiano3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Psshhhhh and they mock "teh cell".

The Cell Broadband Engine is simply a technical marvel, no matter what anybody has to say.

Oooops my bad, wrong reply button!

ABizzel13793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Wow that was a big jump from VGA to E3. Well they have over 8 months, and I for one think they can do it, seeing how it's already on par with many of the best looking games all console right now.

But hiphop I'm going to have to smash you. Killzone 2 was not the only game to look like CG. Ratchet and Clank: FTOD I was the first at least to me.

5abimunda3793d ago

Even with games like these the Ps3 gets soo much hate,
and the 360 gets praised even when it has technical defects (and yes 360 fanboys it still is defected forget about the e74 virus?).

mal_tez923793d ago

But I won't be buying this game. I'm so over hackand slash buttonmashers, they just get overly repetitive. Pushing button combinations over and over and over again loses its fun too quickly.

The other God of War games, DMC4 and Heavenly Sword are recent examples of games that are just too repetitive and involve too little interactivity to keep me interested.

SevWolf3793d ago're so right..I downloaded all three trailers on my ps3(VGA,SCALE,E3) and even thought all three are suppossedly the same, you can see the differences majorly, escpecially when you pause at the close up to Kratos's face, great work Sony Santa Monica
@ mal_tez: well..thats your opinion and I respect that, but I just want to say the director of GOW III Stig Assmussen said that there are two ways to play throught the game( this comment applies to all the GOW's) you can go through it with a couple of combos, like square square triangle, or you can create combos through out, I used to love creating combos escpecially against the Minotaurs...dude you hit them a couple of times then swing up the air grab them in the air and slam them, they would bounce back up then you would swing them onto the floor and right before hitting the floor you would press square and Kratos would swing his other blade to keep the minotaur in the air, you could also hit him before he hits the ground and make fly off the cliff(if you were on one)
man.....oh...sorry about that, gd times, might actually replay it for like the fourth time

Jake11113793d ago

I own all 3 "next gen" consoles and I can honestly say that the PS3 is the only game system I play now. I have no bias towards any company and as a HUGE fan of the original XBOX I was hoping MS would have created the 360 with more storage and power.

Regardless, back on topic. I CANT WAIT for GOW3!!! I am in the UC2 beta and the CO OP gameplay is AMAZING! You know a game is good when you play the same mission close to 100 times!!!!!! This is unheard of. The graphics, gameplay and immersion in the environment with the other 2 players has never been presented in this way before. I love it!

Bitter Tears3792d ago

I love Hiphopgamer's enthusiasm for the gaming industry as a whole but jeez, tone down the hype on the titles of the articles. Peter Molyneux would be proud.

For example:
"Bethesda Software Brings Killzone 2 Quality For Xbox360 With Brink."

It may have great graphics but Killzone 2 is at a very high bar in terms of visuals. Hell, I'd be surprised if Brink surpasses Gears of War 2. I don't doubt God of War III is going to have eye exploding awesome graphics but rival CG? It cannot rival CG without AA, locked FPS, and high IQ. Even Killzone 2 cannot rival it's infamous CG trailer. It can look close but NOTHING will ever rival CG this generation.

3792d ago
SuperM3792d ago

What does locked FPS have to do with CG quality graphics? By your analogy, since GoW3 runs at between 30 and 60 fps i guess that means it already surpass the CG trailer which i persume run at atbout 30fps.

Also as far as im concerned to rival something doesnt mean that you are better or as good as something else. It means that you are close. Also while you could say KZ2 didnt look quite as good as the CG trailer, it was still better then the CG renders in some areas while not quite as good in others. Overall i think you could say it pretty much met the target render.

king dong33792d ago

and i'm not talking about the game.

i'm talking about the flip-flop hypocrite sony fanboys that normally line up to hate hhg. but because he supposedly got this info at e3(yet took many weeks to post it, and is the only site making such claims...interesting) everythings all forgotten, and the turds are having a party!! the worst and biggest hypocrite idiotic community on the net.

now i'm going back to play some killzone!b

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LarVanian3793d ago

Great! Can't wait to see more footage in the upcoming months.

ultimolu3793d ago

Lord a' mercy. o-O

I cannot wait.

CaptainHowdy3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Anyone with eyes and half a brain knows God Of War III's eye-melting graphics are fact.

ultimolu3793d ago

Meh, I just do a little dance whenever I hear awesome stuff like this. :)

In Sony's 1st party studios I trust.

Knock em' dead Sony!

Syronicus3793d ago

Comparing pixels in multiplatform games. It only makes sense that if folks are going to bash consoles for sharing inferior ports then there should be news explaining how awesome and eye melting the exclusives are going to be.

ToastyMcNibbles3793d ago

i have no doubt that the final product will come close to the E3 08 trailer...this is God Of War 3 after all haha! its gonna go out with a bang!