History of Video Game Consoles

A short video showing all of history's consoles from the Magnavox Odyssey (1972) to the Playstation 3.

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geachy4257d ago

allright video, didnt like end though.

Babylonian4257d ago

go for the Wii. It has the best to offer. Ohh please, I mean come on. the Wii is nice and I'm gonna get one (just to play zelda and metroid) but if you gonna go for a console, go for one that brings the most out of this generation. Go for the 360 or PS3. I'm gonna go for the PS3 because I think it's gonna show some amazing things to come.

Bathyj4256d ago

I'm sure I had a early console that wasn't there but. Before the Atari 2600. It had a controller sligfhtly bigger then a cell phone with a thin metal rod for a joystick coming out the face of it and one button on the top right side. Cant remember what it was called though.