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Square Enix Sued for Deceiving Customers

Examiner: "A federal class action suit is in progress against Square Enix. Allegedly deceiving 100,000 customers by not being upfront about fees and penalties, Square Enix will now enter court."

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DNAgent3455d ago

Hopefully Square-Enix loses the case and is forced to pay up.

user39158003455d ago

You get what you paid for, not.
Japanese companies does not follow the same laws, rules or policies and will always look for binding ways to rip the customer. A good example is the Flopstation 3, PS2, PS1 amd the psp, they all had major hardware problems, but sony lied to the public and no one took them to court. Altough there was a few instant were sony paid off the individuals sewing them, but after them been paid off they will have to keep their mouth shut. Those are facts.

In short sony sucks, but have a legion off fanatics that considered them the holy grail, lol.........

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

...Micro$oft will bail them out!!! ;-D

GiantEnemyCrab3455d ago

Are you sure you want to deal with "Western" gamers Square? Welcome to Amerika land of the sue happy hillbilly. (yes I am from America)

snipermk03455d ago

about friggin time, lol.

Panthers3455d ago

There is no way more American for getting rich.

Immortal Kaim3455d ago

As I am not American, I don't understand the mentality of suing for basically ANYTHING...From the outside it's such a shameful practice.

La Chance3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

last time I heard that a car hijacker sued a driver for driving over his foot.....while he was trying to steal the car...and the hijacker won....

edit : Im dead serious!! Like Immortal Kaim said from outside its hard to understand the "thing" Americans have for suing lol

prunchess3455d ago

Throw the book at them! If any other game companies saw them get away with this behavior it wouldn't be long before others took it up.

Wasn't there a rumour that Activision were planning to charge a monthly subscription for a COD title.

gintoki7773455d ago

all i can say about this matter is .....HAHA

cereal_killa3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

La chance that's because there's scum bag lawyers that will try and sue for everything and anything.

qface643455d ago

are you freaking serious?

i mean i know people sue for stupid reasons and win least in america
but gosh damn that is whack

WengYong3455d ago

Makes you think twice about Final Fantasy XIV now doesn't it? Square should focus on making JRPGs and forget about the MMO market.

facepalm3455d ago

In case some one didn't read the article (this isn't about TLR not coming on the PS3)

"Plaintiff Esther Leong of San Francisco stated that Square Enix lied about monthly fees for Final Fantasy XI. The case claims that Square Enix concealed its montly fees, penalties for late fees, interest, and restrictions, and several other payment fees that weren’t detailed during the signing up phase."

really duh3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

They have always had western gamers to deal with. SE support from many of the company's fans has turned to malice because of company's rampted up western support.

Seraphim3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

you want a divorce? Awesome, I'm going to milk this lady for every cent she'll get. Settle, LOL, why settle, I'll sucker into dragging it out and make her as greedy as me.

you want to sue? Awesome, I'm going to take half your winning by the time this case is settled.

you shot someone? Ok, a few million worth of work and you'll get off w/ nothing more than a civil suite...

Half if it's sue happy Americans. I think the other half is nothing more than greedy lawyers who give a free consultation and encourage people so they can line their pockets with cash... ;)

I think one of the funniest is that person suing McDonalds for HOT coffee. How DUMB ARE YOU. They shouldn't have to have a statement on the lid saying it's hot. HOT is how coffee is served you douche bag!

Find something you can sue for and Americans will sue you for it. Doesn't matter how stupid or dumb it is. The dumber it is the easier it is to win the case. What a sad country he live in....

evrfighter3455d ago

Americe the land of obese fat women who order coffee at mcdonalds, spill it on themselves when trying to drive and win millions of dollars.

I'm also american. The mentality people have here is something like

"F*ck it imma sue, the judge can only say no"

FamilyGuy3455d ago

but this is a legitimate case. Why is it that other countries talk sh!t about america when they sue for wrong doing?

Personally, I think square should get sued for telling consumers that certain titles would come to the PS3 but then were later released exclusively on the 360 instead, and capcom for Monster Hunter 3s switch.
Reason being: Some might have bought the console with those games in mind only to have the company change their minds.

At least do your complaining when the case is illegitimate, like that car jacking case. Wrong suing died down in 2000 and more so when Jonny Cokrun died.

Hockey113455d ago

On February 27, 1992, Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old woman from Albuquerque, New Mexico, ordered a 49¢ cup of coffee from the drive-through window of a local McDonald's restaurant. Liebeck was in the passenger's seat of her Ford Probe, and her grandson Chris parked the car so that Liebeck could add cream and sugar to her coffee. She placed the coffee cup between her knees and pulled the far side of the lid toward her to remove it. In the process, she spilled the entire cup of coffee on her lap.[9] Liebeck was wearing cotton sweatpants; they absorbed the coffee and held it against her skin as she sat in the puddle of hot liquid for over 90 seconds, scalding her thighs, buttocks, and groin.[10] Liebeck was taken to the hospital, where it was determined that she had suffered third-degree burns on six percent of her skin and lesser burns over sixteen percent.[11] She remained in the hospital for eight days while she underwent skin grafting. Two years of treatment followed.

During the case, Liebeck's attorneys discovered that McDonald's required franchises to serve coffee at 180–190 °F (82–88 °C). At that temperature, the coffee would cause a third-degree burn in two to seven seconds.

Other documents obtained from McDonald's showed that from 1982 to 1992 the company had received more than 700 reports of people burned by McDonald's coffee to varying degrees of severity, and had settled claims arising from scalding injuries for more than $500,000.[4] McDonald's quality control manager, Christopher Appleton, testified that this number of injuries was insufficient to cause the company to evaluate its practices. He argued that all foods hotter than 130 °F (54 °C) constituted a burn hazard, and that restaurants had more pressing dangers to warn about. The plaintiffs argued that Appleton conceded that McDonald's coffee would burn the mouth and throat if consumed when served.[14] The trial lasted from August 8–17, 1994, and the twelve-person jury reached their verdict before Judge Robert H. Scott on August 18.[15]

I think that this case was a legit one.

KozmoOchez3455d ago

They were sued for a legit reason. You can't charge people for something without them knowing, especially if it's not in the contract while they sign up for it...

Some people just like to complain...

JL3455d ago

Y'all think it appears sad and pathetic from the outside? Hell, it appears that way from the inside (I'm American). I mean seriously, some of the things I've heard people suing and winning over is ridiculous. Just a few:
1.) Lady sues and wins suit against McDonalds coffee is actually hot.
2.)Man buys an RV, puts it on cruise control while driving, goes to the back to make himself some coffee WITH NOBODY DRIVING (just cruise control on), he wrecks, sues, and wins. Citing that it wasn't made clear that cruise control wasn't obviously some kind of auto pilot or something.
3.)A man breaks into a house while a family is on vacation. Through all this he ends up getting himself locked in the garage somehow with no way to escape. He is stuck there for a week with nothing but dog food to eat. He sues the family and wins!

I mean seriously, it's not just from the outside that this appears bad, it truly sickens me. And those three there aren't even close to all the cases I could tell you about.

On that note, this doesn't appear to be something like that so not exactly sure what brought up whole deal. This seems to be a legitimate case. SE allegedly lied about fees, hid penalties, etc. That's just not right. Of course somethings going to happen, and should. I don't know about 50 million dollars worth of something, but something indeed. You just can't lie in contracts like that.

menoyou3455d ago

i hope square gets the pants sued off them. i cant stand this company. all their characters and games are retarded cross dressers and square-enix has no loyalty or honor.

TheBand1t3455d ago

Are you guys pants on head retarded? They're being sued for basically HIDDEN FEES. Fees they were not upfront about.

Seraphim3455d ago

I haven't played in a while and I'm not going to search the End User Agreement, but half that stuff sounds bogus or just plain common sense.

i. Licensing of the games software disguised as a sale;
ii. Monthly fees ("fees") to play the online games;
iii. Penalties for late payment of the fees;
iv. Interest charges for late payment of the fees;
v. Charges while the online game account is suspended;
vi. Termination of the right to use for late payment of the fees;
vii. User restrictions and conditions related to the online games;
viii. Termination of game data for late payment of the fees.

Half of those sound fishy to me. Sounds like a common skip End User Agreement and just sign up. Again, not sure what's touched upon but I believe the first 3 are covered when signing up. Charges while the online game account is suspended? Duh. If you're account is suspended why should they not charge you? You violated the agreement is some form and got suspended. If you suspended the account, if I'm not mistaken, they tell you that billing takes place the first of the month and that you will be billed for the entire month but once you cancel you will not be able to access your account.... Termination of game data for late payment of fees. That's just COLD. .......................

JokesOnYou3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

It sounds like some of the sony loyalists are "happy" for this lawsuit for reasons *other than SE's alledge wrong doing....hmmm wonder why that is? I guess most of you are too young to understand that SE wasn't making FF games exclusive for sony out of the kindness of their hearts or because ps was the most adorable Japanese console in all japan, lmfao one day you kids will learn that although things like gaming and sports are just for fun, the bottom line is its business.

lol, at the idea that SE should be sued for not bringing a particular game to ps3 like they said they would, this is a game console you buy it knowing full well what is available and you *anticpate future games with know Legal Binding Contract from ANY dev, especially 3rd party. If we could sue for a not delivering on promises, errr who's NOT guilty?....lmfao, and please don't say sony.


LinuxGuru3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Man, you always gotta make it a console-war thing don't you?

Go get some fresh obviously need it.

Oh, and you have no F*CKING CLUE what you are talking about. This article has NOTHING to do with the console war.

So do yourself a favor and edit your whole comment there, because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ARTICLE.

JokesOnYou3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Above my post FamiyGuy speaks of suing SE about making games exclusive to 360, further down #1.19 says SE has no loyalty, those comments strike me as being off topic and at least introduce the idea that some here are bitter about SE's business decisions other than this latest matter, and it continues in other comments below. Lol, so I find it hysterical how you suddenly become the fanboy police trying to stop this terrible war after my common sense response to their nonsense.... seems like your on the "take", lol, which is why I'm the bad guy when everything I said is based in logic, lmfao....I guess you're still bitter too, looking at both our posts with a practical point of veiw based on many of the comments posted prior to my own, I think its you who needs to edit his post=


Why o why3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

just leave him man. He only notices 'sony loyalists', MS ones dont seem to warrant his reply/retort.. in fact that same term shows up in about 72.8% of his comments. Save your time and energy and let him be him.

Reading some of the cases where people have sued and won for asinine reasons is definitely 1 of the reasons I dont like SOME americans. The place is beautiful with great people and cultures all over but this suing culture is synonymous with NA and its saddening. Running over a car jackers foot.......Id do a lot more if i could ....WTF

Oh....please dont sue me for using the copyrighted term 'sony loyalists'.....cheers

GameGambits3455d ago

Haha this is too funny. It seems that someone must have had a bad credit card, started playing FFXI, went over their credit card limit, their account for FFXI got shut down as a result of being unable to charge it, and now he's mad about it? Seriously there can't possibly be a hidden late fee for MMOs for you not paying the monthly toll. It's either pay or it just stops.

I think there is more here than meets the eye. Someone isn't telling the whole story.

cmrbe3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

If anything se should be sued for releasing b grade games this gen sofar.

@joy. and I guess that you x360 trolls don't want them to be sued because they are supporting the x360 right?.

Syronicus3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

In one breath, some of you mock America for these idiots that sue people for some of the silliest reasons but then in the next breadth you claim to be an American. It's not America's fault for being a free nation allowing us to do almost anything we please. It is however the fault of those who would be overly greedy and those who have a desire to sue for silly reasons.

Stereotypes are never correct. Don't blame the country but rather, blame the individuals that are overly greedy and diseased with hate for their fellow countrymen. Blame the few people that practice this abomination, not the country.

I would not trade my freedoms for some socialistic government that does not allow this behavior. There are too many pros in American freedom that outweighed he few cons such as these.

fuckoffodion3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

he has no common sense. He only goes after what he perceives to be "SonyLoyalists" because XboxLoyalists fits with his loyalits mind. All 90% of his posts are not so cleverly laced with fanboyism. Plus he thinks his posts are full of logic when really they aren't. He's also a habitual liar and if you want to visit more of his kind, just take a gander at gamefaqs. So ignore him, because he really contributes nothing. He's really bitter and tries to laugh it off, but he's crying inside.

want to see his inner pain?

See JOY --------------> ;(

Sibs3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

And here's another stupid story. A robber was on the roof of a house trying to break in when suddenly he broke through the skylight and landed on their kitchen table that had a knife on it. The robber who was about to commit a felony was allowed to sue the family for leaving their knife ON THE KITCHEN TABLE and won.

Something is wrong with the justice system when felons get out free with more money than they came with.

Christopher3455d ago

People outside of the U.S. may not understand, but do you really think the majority of Americans understand it as well? Do you really think that the woman who was being hijacked and did he most logical thing, drive away, was thinking "Well, guess I'm going to get sued now!"?

Let's not paint it as an American idiocy. It's to the individuals that this level of idiocy and greed fall to, and it's in every country.

YogiBear3455d ago

I'm suing Jokes On You for false advertisement. He is not the Joker.

YogiBear3455d ago

I have heard about that case too. It was in a movie called Liar Liar. At least quote a real case.

spectyre3455d ago

"Don't blame the country but rather, blame the individuals that are overly greedy and diseased with hate for their fellow countrymen. Blame the few people that practice this abomination, not the country."

Bubbles up, my friend.

Syronicus3455d ago

Thanks bud, it's nice to have a user here who is like-minded. Bubbles to you too.

ChozenWoan3455d ago

That's just hilarious.

Unless you actually do it... then it just becomes a freaking riot. Mostly as that is something the Joker would do for giggles.

JokesOnYou3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Again, I'll be the bad guy for responding to a few of the politically correct posts about SE *BEFORE I commented, since well ya know I CAN'T live without the extremists approval. lmfao The sdf police is strong in this thread, I'll try not to use the forbidden "sonyloyalists" word, ooops. @YogiBear who is the Joker? lmfao


fuckoffodion3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

stop yapping for once el presidento for XDF.

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Simon_Brezhnev3455d ago

the best news i heard in a while

GiantEnemyCrab3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

You wouldn't happen to be a hurt PS3 fan because Square is sharing the love this gen?

I just wonder why this is the best news you heard in awhile and just happened to notice you are a PS3 only owner. Or are you one of these "deceived" customers?

xwabbit3455d ago

Giant, start saying the good games SE have released Lol

Chris3993455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Anyone want to join me in a class action law-suit for the emotional tramua and finincial loss from purchasing The Last Remnant?

Turned me off JRPGs for a solid month - and I'm a fanatic. Even bought Cross Edge, if that gives you some idea.

They should be sued for that. And Infinite Undiscovery. And Chrono Trigger SNES... er... DS (exact same game as 12 years ago - such a ripoff). They keep making games and we'll keep having reasons to sue!

What a wretched shadow of their pre Enix days, have Square become.

UltimateIdiot9113455d ago

Oh how far the mighty has fallen. SE really needs to set their priorities straight. Remember that top 10 wanted RPG in Japan and Last Remnant for the PS3 was up there? I mean, it's not just western fans they are disappointing but also their home base fans.

La Chance3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

I like Square Enix. They treat 360 owners very well though the games arent always top notch.

I cant complain, they treat the 360 like the most important console this gen.

@cereal killa : I really dont care at all if its exclusive in Japan, I live in Europe, and I dont care too if its comes on 5 discs nor if it looks better or not than the PS3 version. All I care is im getting the game.
I mean SE had FF13 running on the 360 at E3 when they said that they wouldnt be working on the 360 version before the PS3 version is finished...its like theyre dieing to get the game up and running for the 360 lol. I like them guys.

cereal_killa3455d ago

La Chance The only reason SE like M$ so much is because the Cheques keep rolling in. and they must not like them to much as FFXII is still exclusive where it will count the most and no VS.

redwing6053455d ago


Who cares if Chrono Trigger is the same as it was 12 years ago. It's not like they have been re-releasing the game over and over again like so many others. Why do you think they haven't made another one because all the people who help make the game are gone or on other projects. They hold that series in a much higher regard than any other and will not touch it in any big way until they can get everyone back together again.

facepalm3455d ago

Sorry Crab, but what does this have to do with the PS3??

The settlement is about fees regarding FFXI...

TheDeadMetalhead3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

HOW IS THIS RELATED TO THE PS3? If anything, it's related to the 360 (as well as the PS2 and PC) since it's regarding FFXI.

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Omegabalmung3455d ago

Dont know if anyone read the article but its about FFXI

caladbolg7773455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

It's obvious that very few people read the article based on the majority of reactions. This is a legitimate case. SquareEnix has been charging people fees that were NOT outlined in the user agreement.

SE's shadiness, when it concerns Final Fantasy XI, isn't anything new. If you remember back to August of last year, there was a big deal made in Illinois about how SquareEnix was making it very difficult to cancel PlayOnline accounts.

I really think that the plaintiffs could win this case. How is SquareEnix going to deal with a $5million hit? Is this chump change?

Sam Fisher3455d ago

shouldnt be happy about a gaming company being sued. think about it if they got sued (remember we still are in a recession) they prob close down b/c if one person wins the suit then every1 wants to sue them, and theyll be forced to close and we lose a very powerful gaming company, no company = no game.

SE dont die on me.
i believe in Square

Dawn_Of_Ashes3455d ago

they will ask her good friend MS to help them to pay in exchange of another exclusivity. :)

Kushan3455d ago

You sound like a disgruntled PS3 fan that's annoyed because your favourite dev studio abandoned you for money, but have you seen the games Squeenix have done this generation? You really have no reason to be upset.

TheAntiFanboy3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

You know, Sony and Nintendo pay for exclusives too.

JD_Shadow3455d ago

1. You just admitted that MS does it by saying that.
2. MS seems to be the only one allowed to get away with it.

Gam713455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

^It seems Sony fans who have a go at MS for doing it are saying its ok for sony to do it but not MS.

Also are you admitting sony do it by claiming the other person thinks its ok for MS to do it but not anyone else.

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