Warhammer Online - Call to Arms Winners Announced!

If your Green Skin Orc Choppa has been furiously clashing with puny Dwarf Slayers for the last few months then chances are the you have been taking part in the Call to Arms 'Live' roll out in Mythic Entertainments hugely popular MMO Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The Call to Arms roll out is WAR's 4 month long series of game up dates starting in March consisting of player vs player assassination challenges, puzzle quests and item collections that has seen the opposing realms on each game server battle it out to claim the ultimate prize: 24 hour exclusive access to the Land of the Dead Realm vs Real dungeon map for their brethren.

It seems the battle is over, at least in Europe anyway where the first access to Nehekhara (Land of the Dead) is opening up for the winning realms on individual servers.

Commnuity manager Nilax over at the WAR Forums has announced the first of the winning realms on English servers. Hit the jump to find out!

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