Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires review by Gamer Limit

Gamer Limit writes: "You can't have hack n' slash without Dynasty Warriors. With numerous iterations over the past years, from Samurai Warriors to Warriors Orochi, there is no doubting the popularity of the series.

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires carries a $40 price tag, and seeks to improve upon the original Dynasty Warriors 6 with an expanded Empires game mode, and much more. Does it live up to the series' reputation?"

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SkankinGarbage3796d ago

Sounds good. But, here's the real question: Should I pursue Lu Bu in this one?

ThatCanadianGuy3796d ago

Haha..I don't know man..Lu Bu is quite the beast..

Personally, i'm going to play my first round as a Ronin with Guan Yu.
I'll see where that takes me.

This is by far more most wanted game this year.I know, i know..
Killzone 2, demon's souls etc..

But none of them are more fun to me than some strategic hack'N'slash action with my fav characters.

Only problem is..waiting this one last day is killing me :(

Simon_Brezhnev3796d ago

yeah pursue him if you put the game on easy lol

AKNAA3795d ago

Have not played a DW game since, well DW: gundam if that counts so I'm definitely going to pick this up! is it really $40? if so, that it sweet!

-MD-3796d ago

I have this coming in through gamefly and I'm really happy with the reviews it's getting.

Usually a warriors game get a 5-6/10 but this one is getting 7/8s

Freakwave0033796d ago

I noticed that too. The reviews of this game are surprisingly high.

Homicide3796d ago

No kidding. Maybe they've finally got it right.

Superduper093796d ago

Liu Bei on Chaos mode (DW6) is very dangerous as well, not only Lu Bu.

JQ3796d ago

A decent DW game?

I'm shocked.

Chris Vass3791d ago

The reviews have been so positive so far, probably one to look for