God of War II SD vs. HD Comparison

Game Trailers punch's in the code and take a look at the graphical differences between the standard and high def modes. Click the video link below the embedded video for the HD version.

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JIN KAZAMA4302d ago

or is there absolutley no difference. Before someone tries to explain and says, take a look at a pixel and its smoother or something, please there is no difference. Lets just wait for GOW3 for PS3.

Bill Nye4302d ago

You can only tell when it does the closeups. It's just more crisp. But, realistically, what did you expect? It's PS2.

gta_cb4302d ago

yeh i couldnt see ANY difference EXCEPT when they zoomed into that mans face, even then hardly any difference.

weekapaugh4302d ago

yeah, i didn't see much diff, and when there was it was subtle.

Booneral4302d ago

Well I was actually amazed to see how this game looked great on standard display, I was thinking on getting a component cable for PS2 but looks like it doesn't get much better.

I am enjoying God of War II on a SD anyways. Great game, truly shows off what PS2 is capable of. It's also the first game that didn't look ugly to me after next-gen games.

kewlkat0074302d ago

I can't see the differnce.

JohnCarpenter4302d ago

Well it's the same number of polygons and the same textures i guess, it can't look much better. But the PS2 offers rumble.

CrazzyMan4302d ago

HD quality possible on ps2 and ps3.

the game a little smother, but well not really big difference. =]
maybe it`s better to compare on 32" TV. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.