Japan: DS Hardware Continues Reign

DS hardware continues to dominate the weekly charts in Japan, as PlayStation platform titles make up the majority of the top ten software sellers in the region.

ImageTwo new Namco-Bandai games topped Japanese sales charts for the week ended April 8, according to Japanese console game tracker Media Create.

PlayStation platform titles made up six of the top 10-selling games this week.

This week (last week)

1. Naruto: Shippuuden N-Ultimate Accelerator (Bandai-Namco, PS2)-75,453 (New)
2. Gundam SEED Alliance vs. ZAFT Portable (Bandai-Namco, PSP)-58,751 (New)
3. Yoshi's Island DS (Nintendo, DS)-47,566 (629,459)
4. Pro Baseball Spirits 4 (Konami, PS2)-40,891 (82,052)
5. Musou Orochi (Koei, PS2)-36,168 (515,803)
6. More English Training (Nintendo, DS)-34,933 (84,645)
7. Wii Sports (Nintendo, Wii)-30,807 (1,315,931)
8. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Portable 2 (Konami, PSP)-29,944 (New)
9. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + (Square-Enix, PS2)-29,638 (202,850)
10. Prof. Layton and the Mysterious Village (Level 5, DS)-27,833 (392,135)

On the hardware front, the Nintendo DS increased its sales 39 percent week-over-week landing the top spot once again. Wii follows behind with a modest increase in sales as the PlayStation 3 drops week-over-week. Xbox 360 sales continue to flag.

1. DS-110,935 (80,012)
2. Wii-52,583 (51,365)
3. PSP-31,503 (39,077)
4. PS3-14,520 (16,889)
5. PS2-14,234 (17,787)
6. Xbox 360-2,963 (3,889)
7. Game Boy Advance-1,357 (1,206)
8. GameCube-255 (205)

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BIadestarX4263d ago

I think is official:
- The wii owns Japan.
- 360 sales low as predictable.
- The PS3 sales continue to go down.
- The PS2 sales continue to go down and for the first time the PS3 sold more consoles than the PS3. It seems as Sony will not be able to lean on the PS2 for long.