'Dead Rising 2' Skipping PAX, Games Con, Showing At TGS

MTV Multiplayer Writes: The absence of "Dead Rising 2 at E3 was definitely a bummer but hey, safety first, right It seems, though, that we're gonna have to wait a few months before we get another look at the much-anticipated, 7,000-zombies-on-screen rampage.

Speaking with Chris Kramer, Senior Director of Communications at Capcom, at a Microsoft event last night, I asked him when we'd be seeing "Dead Rising 2 next.

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jay23795d ago

I smell a delay til 2o1o here:(.

GiantEnemyCrab3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Yup, this game just wreaks of the Dev's not confident in it. I have lost all confidence in it myself. Thankfully I have the original classic on the 360 and they can't ruin that.

El_Colombiano3795d ago

I have confidence in this game, the original producers are in on it, correct?