Lair '1UP Preview'

Lair '1UP Preview Video'

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LSDARBY4263d ago

Really good watch, this game should be awsome. But i agree with the woman on the mission structure there doesnt seem to be much varety so far. Hopefully the final game will have.

techie4263d ago

She's smelly. She's always poo pooey about everything excpet her beloved Halo.

I think it'll have room for exploration :)

spacetoilet4263d ago

I agree with the fat nerd. As an old skool gamer myself, I too appreciate a linear structured game play experience as well as my sand boxy gta's, if they are done properly. This looks amazing, but again, I am fussy about me frame rates! What kind of frame rate/stability can we expect with that much physics and HDR etc on the screen at one time?

techie4263d ago

Very stable 30fps. Look how stable it is already and it's only at alpha.

VirtualGamer4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

I love how layered the fighting and stuff will be so saying all you do is fly around shooting fireballs how boring, is really not true. This game pushed things more then anything I have seen yet on any console thus far. 32 km x 32 km world with a 20,000ft ceiling and the detail is just as good at 20,000 ft as it is up close. Simply amazing then you add in the water effects, the shear number of ground fighters, number of dragons etc in the air, all the fire effects, ships floating and bobbing in direct reaction to the waves. The shock waves on the water from boats exploding. All this and more happening in real time. And what do they say? I am concerned it might be to linear?

In the interview with Factor 5 they said there will be more open play levels where the objectives are not so clearly defined. All in all I will definately begetting this game. With first gen games looking this good I can't help but feel the games will continue to get better and more amazing as time goes on.

xg-ei8ht4263d ago

This dev video part1 hd and part 2hd are awsome and new. A must watch.!!