The Portable Gamer Review: Rocket Slime (DS)

TPG writes, "I bet you're asking yourself right now, why the hell is Jaden reviewing a DS game that came out in 2005. Well, since I bought this game on its release date, I've played the game to 100% completion seven times. That, at least to me, makes this one of the best titles on the Nintendo DS.

If you've ever played a single Dragon Quest title, you know what the blue slimes are. They're the first enemy you'll see in every game, and they're extremely weak. Also, they have gigantic grins on their faces that keep smiling no matter how many times you whack them on the head. Rocket Slime lets you play as one of these lovable baddies."

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Neco5123794d ago

What the hell do you mean what the hell is this??

wondroushippo3794d ago

Awesome, that's what it is. It's a charming little action game. Plus, the tank fights are totally awesome.

CrAppleton3794d ago

F*cking sweet! I didn't know this was being re-released! I used to have it but traded it in.. what a mistake

Neco5123794d ago

Awesome classic! I will be getting this one!

wondroushippo3794d ago

I freaking loved Rocket Slime back when it came out, more people need to play this gem.

reluctant_gamer3794d ago

Awww... it looks so cute...

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