Analysts Suggest New Metric For Per-Platform Performance

Analysts Suggest New Metric For Per-Platform Performance In the latest report released by Susquehanna's Jason Kraft and Chris Kwak, the analysts project that Sony will lose meaningful market share this generation, asking who will take this share – Microsoft or Nintendo – by how much, and how that market share will this impact each publisher.

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Cartesian3D4265d ago

just kidding .. but nobody knows people rection too big games like MGS4 or HS or KZ or.. may be they sell 2 million per mounth or may be just 200k totaly.. I think many gamers are WAITING for more AAA games price drop and other tech like cheap HDTV and 7.1 audio system may be...

I think most of analyst must stfu and say all sides of this war.. not the conclusion .. ppl decide at the end...

imo this generation has more people than last gen more fun and MORE SUCCESS for both side ( Sony and ms ) .. may be no looser after 5 years... 100 million ps3 100 million xbox 100 million wii...

hope to see that day.. huge games low price and better earning for all sides ... its impossibe to say there isnt 50 million ppl that REALLY want to play exclusives like FF13,MGS4 ... and XBOX excluivs.. but we must wait and see what happens... predicting this war is really hard.