Strategies to Improve Your Call of Duty Kill to Death Ratio

Call of Duty 4 and 4.5 (Modern Warfare and World at War, respectively) boast some of the best online multiplayer around. Chances are if you're reading this you've already experienced the adrenaline rush of taking out multiple enemies in a Rambo-style - you versus the world - with you coming out on top.

"But wait a second," you say. "I usually get slaughtered whenever I go online and deathmatch in Call of Duty!".

If that's the case, than read on for suggestions to improve your online CoD skills.

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LinuxGuru3800d ago

I agree.

Aim for the head, or just aim better overall.

That's one way that's guaranteed to get results.

-MD-3800d ago

Call of duty is one of those games where aiming for the head actually hurts you... pretty much a single burst from any gun on any part of the body will drop someone.

See something move? Shoot in it's general direction odds are a stray bullet will hit his foot and drop him.

jessehaysfl3800d ago

also burst not full auto, if you burst 2,3, or even 4 you stand a much better chance to hit.

n4g-gamer3800d ago

Those tips are all nonsense, best tool you can have to heighten your k/d ratio is have a good team with you, they keep putting uavs for you, you return the favor by getting kill streaks because you know ahead of time where the enemy is. Or you can be like me and set up 2 claymores in a building and snipe camping the crap out that building and whipping out the pistol when they approach. This is my guaranteed way of getting atleast an airstrike.

Syronicus3800d ago

Sounds like somebody is not any good at hardcore team death match...?

Look, you just have to have a decent connection and some good aiming skills to win those matches. Also, learn to aim using both sticks. Short precise movements with your strafe and large angle turns with your view controls.

In the end, you need to learn to control your movements and you will have the game down.

Also, know when to run. If you do not know where the enemy is, don't run down alleys blindly. Run cover to cover and use smoke or stun grenades.

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BadboyCivic3800d ago

but as much as you may think you are good, there is someone better...

Troll-Killer3800d ago

...but Hardcore Mode, with a sniper rifle, works every time. ;)

TheBand1t3800d ago

[email protected] is simple:

Get MP40.
Equip Dual Mag.
Double Tap/Stopping Power
Steady Aim.

Aim crosshair at target for autowin.


That is what a majority of players use online in deathmatch - although alot do use the 'juggernaut' perk aswell

I traded my WaW game in a while ago because of the lack of weapon balance

peeps3800d ago

biggest problem with the weapons in waw = bolt action rifles take 2 shots to kill someone but 1 shot if you attach a scope :| the fact that you could put dot sites on sub machine guns just mean more and more ppl used them at range than bolts/rifles

TheChosenWon3800d ago

Have you ever tried the MP-40 with doubletap? The kick is insane! If you can kill anything with MP40+doubletap, more power to you, I find it to be a complete mess. I might as well be pointing at the sky and spinning in circles while firing.

And I'd argue that the MP40 isn't the reason people win, I've seen (and partaken in) plenty of ass kickings with the STG-44, PPSh-41, Type 100, and the Thompson. Is it popular? Sure. It's one of the more well-rounded guns in the game. It does almost everything "OK", but doesn't excel at anything.

Not to mention, the MP40 has plenty of weaknesses. People who constantly biotch about the gun apparently don't know how to adapt and/or are just not good to begin with and need something to blame other than themselves.

KionicWarlord2223800d ago

In hardcore mode...move slowly.

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