Thunderbolt: Ghostbusters: The Videogame (PS3) Review

Twenty five years ago one film sent both children and adults into hysterics. It had scares, laughs, memorable characters and a gigantic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; it was everything anyone could ever want from an epic comedy, fully cementing itself as one of the all-time classics of modern cinema.

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GiantEnemyCrab3801d ago

So pretty much everyone unanimously agrees that the PS3 version of this game is the worst and you are scoring it the same as the PC version?

BlackTar1873801d ago

are differnt by something that is not noticable while playing the game it was meant to be played in full speed and not behind a slide show program. They are rating the game why is it such a issue to you? grow up man not a big deal if they didnt read the crap on the internet about the syupidest stuff on the planet they wouldnt have noticed it its loser sites lookign for hits that(although i have nothing against LOT)do those things the other 98% percent of the world reviewer include look for stuff that hurts the game compared to the other version and as long as there are no game changing/game ending issues why does it matter. you guys got all up in arms over some BS that is only noticeable if you play the game thru a slide show viewer the fact that im saying this make me a sad person but a GB fanboy and the reason your doing this makes you just as sad the only difference is my allegiance lies with Ghostbusters yours lies with your console both sad but i ahve to say yours is worse yours is a electronic piece of equipment mine is entertainment which one is more pathetic

But ill admit if you break itdown 360 version is not better at all gameplay wise and fun wise control wise or anything other then very minor graphics hiccups but you try and have people think its a game breaker and no it is not at all but i guess your gonna say it is so there is no winning just compromise.