New Batch of Gran Turismo PSP Screenshots

Get a closer look at the Ferrari Enzo and the Nissan GTR V-Spec in these impressive new screenshots.

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There's no possible way that those screens are from a PSP game because it just looks too good. I'm beginning to think the PSP is better then the PS2.

phosphor1123794d ago

The GT PSP engine is so much better than the GT4 one. Even Kazunori Yamauchi said that in GT4, they based their detail off of textures. This time around, the are pumping out more polys and better lighting for their details.

ChampIDC3794d ago

Yeah, sometimes it's hard to believe how far handheld graphics have come these days, eh?

mynd3794d ago

Oh dear god, why is it when things like this turn up your all so ready to belive it real, this is clearly a video, maybe something form the start of the game, but there is simply no way in hell this is anything like in game.
PD do it again, man they have impresisve PR skills, but seriously guys, it's alomst a 10x increase in quailty over the in game screenshots we have seen.
Go take a look at the other screenshots of the game.

TheIneffableBob3794d ago

These screens aren't "in-game" since they're 1024x576. The PSP renders at 480x272.

Greywulf3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )



I spy ye ole zonda too..

(twists nipples)

PD is a gigantic tease. If they don't release gt5 this year im going to explode in my pants :\

@ bob & the rest of the "RESOLUTION WARRIORS", the psp may have that fixed res. But the engine is clearly rendering at that size for these shots. So scale them down if you want. But thats not really going to be a big image as far as most resolutions on monitors above 800x600 in the year 2009..

Thats beautiful for a handheld device.

Do you think if you scale it down, that some how the textures/models/will change? I guess the PSP videos are fake too huh? Why is it that Sony can't do anything without people crying about it being fake? lol.

Socom PSP:

ZOMG FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! its 1024x580!!! thats impossible!!! the psp's native res is only tiny.

Leathersoup3794d ago

Those screen shots are 1024 x 576 and the PSP only has a screen resolution of 480 x 272. I don't think these pictures are legit.

mynd3794d ago

Not to mention absolutly no hud. And the screen aspect is different to the in game screen.

DeepInterludium3794d ago

If you zoom on the pictures, you can see the lower detail of the cars like this:

So it's obviously not a CG movie.

It's a photomode screen but it's still damn impressive how good it looks even with the low poly car models.

mynd3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

@1.9 ?? Well done you zoomed in and showed us pictures are made of pixels. Doesnt prove a thing. This footage (and it is video footage) is showing off a much higher detail of blur, shadow mapping and enviromental reflection than is capable on the PSP, not to mention the resolution. This is 4x the quailty and 2x the size, meaning you pumping about 16x the quailty out of the PSP on those images compared to in game. Why such a dramtic increase in photo mode?

Seriously, you guys, must have that "I want to believe" UFO picture sitting on your walls like Mulder did. Call me Scully if you want.

PD certianly know their audience.

gaffyh3794d ago

Looks like CG, but it COULD be in-engine replay. Either way it looks great, although technically if it's CG they could have had much better graphics.

Lifendz3794d ago

The game was running at E3 and will be out in months. Day one purchase for me.

hulk_bash19873794d ago

pushed the graphical limits of every platform they've worked on. This is just another example of how great they are at doing that.
Gran Turismo = Photo realism at its finest.

SuperM3794d ago

Are you stupid? thats not pixels from the pictures. You can clearly see the cars are low poly though extremely good looking. Its probably upscaled resolution but everything is rendered from the game engine.

GVON3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

At first I thought no way in a million years.

But I watched this,please watch before you read on.

First up it looks nuts,but there is a reason why,and another racing game doing the same,and it's all car count.GT PSP only has 4 cars on track.

So for example if GT4 had 8 cars and each car had (random number time) 500 polygon count,then if you half the cars,each car on that engine could have a thousand polygons per model.It what another console sim is doing.That developer could double the car count,in a blink of a eye,but they would sacrifice the quality of graphics.

I'm sure even the most loyal Sony fan would admit that the resolution in the pics is beyond PSP,but don't forget because the screen is much smaller than a TV you do get a perceived boost in resolution,so whilst it won't look as clean as the pics it will move at 60 frames and look stunning.

Does it look better than 4,you could say yes,but is losing half a potential grid worth it?purely for racing thrills I'd rather 8 cars over 4

mynd3794d ago

@SuperM -Am I stupid?

Is it low poly cars? Sure it is.
Does that in any way "proof" that it is in game, of course not.

Using the in game assets to create a pre-rendered video is pretty easy to do. (look back at original KZ2 video). And done often.
Considering you model your assets in somethign like Maya, it's not that hard to create footage in it either.

But you believe what you want.

DeepInterludium3794d ago


Have you played GT4? It had a photomode that made the game look far better than it actually did.

The point I was trying to make was that it was using in-game models which makes it pretty astonishing. You can only do so much with the original models and I think the level they've achieved in these photos is fantastic.

As for the original Killzone 2 video, that didn't use any in-game assets. The production of KZ2 hadn't even started then, so how could they be using in-game assets for that? That trailer was completely CG.

LazyDevs3794d ago

I am astounded every time i see this game, first day buy for me.

Narutone663794d ago

and it's sad the haters still don't believe it. The graphics is really amazing for a hand held. Too bad the person playing in the video sucks at the game. Definitely getting it on release day, might buy another PSP to go with it.

DelbertGrady3793d ago

Photoshop is one hell of a tool.

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hulk_bash19873794d ago

Considering Polyphony's track record so far, im gonna bet that every single one of those screens is legit.

Lifendz3794d ago

Don't be jealous. You can play Forza portabl.....hmmmm....nevermind . Be jealous. ;)

Skyreno3794d ago

is that real or in game lol that GT5 ?? :)

Crystallis3794d ago

Is that on the PSP.. Goodness sakes, looks like GT5.

ThaGeNeCySt3794d ago

it looks good but... NOT that good.

Model3794d ago

says guy with alan wake as avatar

ThaGeNeCySt3794d ago

so basically what you guys are telling me is that the beautifully rendered Gran Turismo 5 (bar none the best looking car game on consoles) looks about as good as Gran Turismo for the PSP?

Only on N4G

hulk_bash19873794d ago

Saying u mistake this for GT5 is kind of an insult in itself. They are great screens but not quite as impressive as its PS3 counterpart. Though for a PSP game its phenomenal.

sloth4urluv3794d ago

It looks absolutely great for a portable, but really there is no way you can say it looks as good as the PS3 version.

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