CNET: Sony PSP Go: First Look video

Sony's got an early demo unit of the PSP Go floating around New York and CNET got to spend a little time with it--and Sony PlayStation team rep Al De Leon. They don't have anything new or earth shattering to report other than to say they like the smaller design and the PSP Go does feel pretty good resting in your hands. Oh, and they also have some video shot with a Flip UltraHD.
Author: David Carnoy

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randomwiz3799d ago

i wonder how long until your cramped fingers start hurting.

add 3g support(for skype) and im sold.
a touchscreen would be nice, but not necessary.

G3TDOWN3799d ago

then yea if you are thinking about buying one, PSP GO is your choice

If you have a PSP already, you must be crazy to buy this one

Microsoft Xbox 3603799d ago

Seriously, what makes them crazy? The fact that people want a more physically portable PSP which packs built in 16gb of storage and bluetooth? Buying another 360 when it breaks down is crazy.

el zorro3799d ago

I love my hacked PSP and I don't feel the need to buy a PSP Go, but I am sure this will be a great choice for some people.

LeonSKennedy4Life3799d ago

I want to buy it...

...but then I have to buy all my games new...

...which isn't practical.

It's a nice system, I just don't see it selling like they want it to.


All Time Greatness3799d ago

I definately would like to get a PSP go but I'm gonna wait until the price goes down. You can buy so many games for 250$, especially if you buy most used.

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The story is too old to be commented.