Bale Hasn't Been Approached For Metal Gear Solid Movie

TGB writes: "The Dark Knight actor Christian Bale has been a popular choice among gamers to take on the role of Solid Snake in a film adaptation of the Metal Gear Solid series, but there's some bad news."

morganfell5509d ago

Hugh Jackman for Solid Snake.

chaosatom5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

this guy

rucky5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

Yeah like 10 years ago. He would probably make a good Col. Campbell now though.

Mindboggle5509d ago

Adam sandler as solid snake ??

TheBand1t5509d ago

Samuel L. Jackson as Solid Snake (on a plane).

chaosatom5509d ago

he would work best as Drebin.

Tito Jackson5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

I mean, dont get me wrong. He has a lot of good movies. But, Micheal Keaton was a far superior Batman. Hell, even Val Kilmer did a better job. Bale just ran around all stiff, sounding like he had throat cancer.
I liked Bale in The Prestige. Terminator was good, but only b/c it was so action packed---not b/c of Bale himself. I just dont like Bale as a man of action.

Solid Snake? Yeah, I dont think he could pull it off. Hugh Jackman could, but his hair is too dark, and its easier to darken someones hair, than to lighten it---looks more natural as opposed to highlights.
Let me get my silly fantasy choices out of the way: Dolph Lundgren(he would also make a great Duke Nukem). Jean Claude Van Dam(stupid accent would screw it up). William Hung(LMAO, jk).

As for my serious choices: KURT RUSSELL. KEANU REEVES(damn that dark hair again). JOSH HOLLOWAY.

EDIT: @below: yes I saw it. youre the man :)

Greywulf5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

I win! Polls closed.

Defectiv3_Detectiv35509d ago

Bale is sooo overrated. He's the new hollywood it-boy. It wont be long before him and Shia Lebouf star in a buddy comedy, I just don't know which one of them is going to play the monkey.

Mu5afir5509d ago

I think he can fit in to the roll pretty good.

Bnet3435509d ago

Cedric The Entertainer as Raiden.

N4realGMRZ5509d ago

with Morganfell on this one Hugh all the way.

BWS19825509d ago

can do the whole damn movie.

On a serious note, I think Bale was great in Equilibrium if you've seen that. Jackman would be good too...I think we'd have to see a mullet and a mustache on some of them to get a better idea. It's not just the look, but the voice and the mannerisms would have to be nailed as well. They'd have to capture Snake in all facets.

BYE5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

Kojima said that Viggo Mortensen would be perfect for this role.

solar5509d ago

im so tired of movies crapping on video games i like. STOP IT ALREADY!

mfwahwah5509d ago

Bring back Kurt Russell! He's used to playing the Role of Snake Plisskin

thesummerofgeorge5509d ago

I mean Solid Snake was based on his portrayal of Snake Plissken.
If Clint weren't so damn old he'd be perfect.

DMason5509d ago

I agree with Ceekay, I think Viggo Mortensen would be perfect. Hugh Jackman would be okay, I was thinking of possibly Gerard Butler from 300, but then again he doesnt really look like Snake.

Buttons5509d ago (Edited 5509d ago )

You guys are all wrong.

Just kidding, I think Christian Bale or even Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn ftw) would be a good Snake

morganfell5509d ago

The original Wolverine, Dougray Scott, would also be a great choice for Solid Snake. Most have seen him as the antagonist in Mission Impossible II.