The Choices We Make: inFAMOUS

An in-depth, critical analysis of the moral choice system from inFAMOUS.

From the article: "It seems that ever since BioShock let you choose whether to save or to harvest the Little Sisters, 'moral choices' have become the newest fad for modern videogames. Often, this mechanic seems forced or clumsily executed, but when done correctly, challenging a player's core beliefs can be one of the gaming industry's most powerful tools for engaging players.

inFAMOUS is the most recent game to be released to put a heavy emphasis on moral choices, asking the player to act based on complex situations and live with the consequences. As expected, some people loved it while others hated it, but the real question is: Does it work?"

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whatisdelicious4138d ago

Though I think it's hilarious that one of the votes that it shouldn't be approved stated that it's because it was "from a blog" and "contains spoilers." The N4G guidelines encourage blogs to post stuff like this, and the FIRST LINE of the article clearly outlines that there are spoilers.