TGR: God of War III Hands-On Preview

Kratos' earlier journeys were some of the hottest and most critically acclaimed titles on the PlayStation 2, so it makes perfect sense that Sony was using God of War III as the focal point of their 2010 lineup. The demo that SCE Santa Monica studio brought to E3 2009 was easily one of the most popular attractions on the show floor, but we here at TGR fought through the crowd to bring you our impressions of one of the Playstation 3's biggest titles.

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yoghurt3798d ago

Got to love this:
"However, if you’re looking for something revolutionary, God of War III doesn’t look like it will deliver in that department. While our short time with the game was definitely enjoyable, it felt almost identical to the experience that we had slaying gods and mythological monsters in the second title. It also felt completely devoid of the creativity and innovation that one would expect from the next-generation debut of a huge franchise. So far, GoWIII looks great and contains a handful of welcome new features, but it still seems somewhat lacking in comparison to what we’ve come to expect from the talented Sony developers."

Yep, because Halo, COD, GTA - all revolutionary, every single time...right?

SlamVanderhuge3798d ago

At least COD and Halo have tried new things. GoW3 truly looks like an extension of 2, rather than a reinvention of it. Very disappointing

Viewtiful3798d ago

I'm really confused...does the article say anything about CoD or Halo? I don't understand what you're condemning. Should he have called out all of those games...despite the fact it would be completely random and impertinent? Or are you suggesting he's somehow saying that it's OK for those games, but damnable in GoW? Which I assure you he is not.

Oh wait, I forgot that I already made an oath to stop trying to understand the rambling gorilla logic of fanboys.

NeverforgetNES3798d ago

I just can't accept that this game disappointed so many at E3. :(

SirLarr3798d ago

I'm usually not bothered by violence, but God of War 3 seems to take it too far. In the previous God of Warses, the violence just seemed to compliment how barbaric a dude Kratos was. Now it just seems like it's violence for violence's sake, because they couldn't think of any other way to make this game stand out.

stewie328873798d ago

Umm... I loved the God of War games. I ran through GOW2 recently and it still plays wonderfully, so the less they change the better. I want some new stuff, but I'm basically just hoping for a great looking closure to the series.

Innovation is overrated.

mr durand pierre3798d ago

I agree with Stew. It does sound like GoW2, but prettier and with even more spectacular setpieces. I mean no one condemned Valve for Half-Life 2: Episodes 1 and 2 for being more of the same (albiet better). I don't see why that's any different here.