Operation Flashpoint 2: New Information On Hardcore Mode + New Screenshot

Sion Lenton, Lead Developer for Operation Flashpoint 2, writes;

'Hi all, I thought it might be time for another update on Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Now the dust has settled from E3 (and the jetlag) its back to business as usual, we're all very pleased at how Operation Flashpoint was received at the show and nominations for best shooter from IGN and Gamespot gave us a tremendous sense of achievement...'

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ASSASSYN 36o3799d ago

Take note wanna-be shooters. This is HARDCORE gameplay!

free2game3653798d ago

ArmA is "hardcore" this is just some cash in on the Flashpoint name and a "me too" grab at the popularity of Modern Combat shooters.

ryan21073798d ago

Well I enjoyed the original Flashpoint and the original ArmA but since Bohemia isn't developing ArmA 2 for consoles I will be getting OFP 2

They aren't just cashing in on the name, they are developing a more versatile product.

TheIneffableBob3798d ago

I don't understand why there is an assisted mode. If the game is catered towards the hardcore simulation enthusiasts, why have a mode for casuals?

Johnny Jiron3798d ago

So they need the game to sell decently well. So they need as big of an audience possible buying this game up. I'm quite fine that they are catering to both sides. How is having one way to play the game for some people going to affect the way you play it?