PALGN: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

PALGN writes: "Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the fourth title in the Star Ocean series, with this instalment serving as a prequel to the other three games. Unlike most JRPG's, The Last Hope isn't set in a fantasy realm but rather in our own distant future. Earth has been scorched by the fires of war and humanity has been forced underground. It's up to the Space Reconnaissance Force to discover and colonise new planets for when people grow weary of their presently subterranean lifestyles... or something. The game's lead is the gloriously named Edge Maverick, a blonde, androgynous space cadet with a heart of gold. Sound to you like some sort of amalgamation of typical leads in other JRPG's? You'd be about right. In fact most of the game's cast can be slotted into one stereotype or another."

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