Myst writer developing Splinter Cell 5 story

Mary DeMarle is helping shape the script for Ubisoft's new Splinter Cell game.

In an interview printed in new book Game Design by Deborah Todd, DeMarle has recounted the exact design process behind the latest game, explaining that the writer and development team are working very closely, with the design and screenwriting disciplines helping inform one another.

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M1am1U4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

for the Splinter Cell franchise. Those games seem to have gotten a little bit stale, so maybe this will bring a breath of fresh air to them. Myst games have always been nothing short of phenominal on the PC, but Myst III: Exile was no exception on the original Xbox. So much so, I wish they would bring one to the 360.

ThaGeNeCySt4261d ago

sounds cool

Did Peter Moore pull a fast one on us though? I thought SC5 was going to be exclusive to x360 & PC

BoneMagnus4261d ago

Just because whoever posted this put it under PS3 doesn't mean anything. Believe me, if it becomes cross-platform, we'll know it on these forums.

I don't really care about the exclusivity as long as the game stays true to its form.

TheXgamerLive4260d ago

Unless a games first party, I don't count on any exclusivity anymore, I mean look at how many the ps3 has lost to us.

FirstknighT4261d ago

Good stuff. Looks like another mature game.

leon4261d ago

why is this in ps3 and 360 section

splinter cell 5 will only be available on the 360 and no other platform

splinter cell DA was the last "multiformat" outing for this game
it is now 360 only

MS gave them the money hat

i repeat this isnt coming to the ps3...sorry