Bonus Round - Uncut David Jaffe Bonus Round Footage

Here is more footage of the video interview with David Jaffe and Blu-ray in the PS3.

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kamakazi4265d ago

sure enough cyber monkey, a damn troll would be the first to comment first. run along now cyber monkey go play your gsmes and enjoy them.

FeralPhoenix4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Yep, Gametrailers is definitely going to milk this one for all its worth....I wonder what Gamepro is thinking? -lol.

LSDARBY4266d ago

They seriously are milking this lol. Im sure there will be plenty of people watching it tomorrow though.

PSN Starfleets4266d ago

Interestingly he didn't refer to the fact that Sony believe Blu-Ray is ESSENTIAL for their games portfolio.

He only spoke Blu-Ray in the context of movies.

Vojkan4266d ago

Funny only 4 comments? If it was something negative about Sony there would have been at least 100 comments. It just shows how pathetic fanboys are!

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