The Evolution of Platformers

Koku Gamer writes: "It's rare that a game is labeled in previews or reviews as simply a platformer. Yes, there are the rare exceptions (the remake of Klonoa or Super Mario Galaxy), and certainly there are times when a game is described as having platforming elements. The ebb and flow of genres' popularity is a staple of the video game industry, and perhaps now is just a period of time when the platformer isn't in vogue. Take a moment to think about the great "original" platformers, however, and their few descendants which are still being developed appear to mirror few of the original's qualities"

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Wriggy3802d ago

Ah, the original Super Mario Bros. Classic.

Ziriux3802d ago

I could never hate mario he's a legend.

Reibooi3802d ago

I wonder if the New Super Mario Bros for Wii will be a good. Hopefully that can fill the void from not having enough good platforming games around these days.

Freak of Nature3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Mario for the most part is about the last true quality "pure platformer"....

Ratchet is a shooter with some platforming elements...Jak and Sly have gone the way of the Dinosaurs on the HD consoles unfortunatly....

Platforming these days are more real World,like Assassins creed and POP, along with Uncharted,but even these are act/adv based....

One "rumored" game by Insomniac has me excited,the act/RPG platformer
,possibly being made by the new North Carolina studio? Thats one rumor I really want to come true...

I would love to see a new proper Banjo platformer,and or Conker,even Conker is action first however...

A new Earthworm Jim is in the works,last I heard at least...

LBP is not a pure platformer,but is as close as it gets outside of Mario.....

I would love to see more "caricature/toon" quirky based platformers,with stealth,action and adventure/exploration,and done with a creative style,with new innovation and new game mechanics.Something I think Media Molecule could conquer...Or Rare,if they do indeed attempt to do something all balls out,instead of just being safe and good enough....

Platforming is still here,but not in it's "purest" sense...Mascot caricature/toon based games with style and creativity...... I sure miss you....

ButterToast3802d ago

I don't see how LBP isn't a pure platformer. What about LBP makes you say its not a pure platformer? I'd say its a pure platformer that provides the tool set to make your own levels.

Freak of Nature3801d ago

I said......."LBP is not a pure platformer,but is as close as it gets outside of Mario".....

But you know,I stand corrected....To me LBP is the best game of this generation.....And Butertoast you asked me, "What about LBP makes you say its not a pure platformer?".....And with that question I found no answer,you are right....I gave it the proper amount of thought,and could not come up with an answer....It is!

It just seems to be so indepth,and different,fresh and innovative,that somehow along the lines I forgot that in the end it is a "pure platformer" when all is said and done......Thanks for the question and setting me straight....Bubbles to you....

Prototype3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Back in Elementary/Middle School we all used to say this:

Mario started it, Sonic perfected it

In High School all that changed...

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Reibooi3802d ago

I think it somewhat sad that we don't see that many games focusing entirely on platforming elements anymore. There are just times when you wanna jump around and have some fun in a game like that and while many games have aspects like that in them it's not the same when you have to do many other things in between. Perhaps it's just something lost on today's audience in the games industry.

Ziriux3802d ago

Times have changed indeed. for good though.

lilbudman3802d ago

i miss platform games, they were my favorite way back when.

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The story is too old to be commented.