Capcom Announces Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo And More For XBLA & PS Network

Today, Capcom has announced 4 games will be making their way to both the Xbox Live Arcade as well as the PS Network.

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razer4266d ago

Sorry but these don't do a thing for me.. Why is the 360 section on this site been either full of retro-arcade stuff that has nothing to do with next-gen or some comparison video against the ps3 or how some analyst is saying the 360 is losing this and losing that. I wish I had time to contribute to the section more with news but there just isn't any.. May should be good.

InMyOpinion4266d ago

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 is excellent! Played it to death. I even completed Street mode.

Antan4266d ago

Yep! SPF was fun as hell, especially against human players!!!! A cert for me.