x360a: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

x360a writes: "Video game addiction is a touchy subject in the media, academia, and the gaming community. With a variety of often contradicting opinions out there about its prevalence and severity, we're left to read the news stories of lives ruined by excessive play of games like World of Warcraft, or of kids who run away when their parents take away Call of Duty 4, and wonder what went wrong, and how common some form of addiction may be. Sacred 2, the latest action-RPG from German developer Ascaron, provides such a massive world, and such a staggering amount of content, that for many Xbox 360 gamers this game could become a new addiction. Just remember to eat, shower, sleep, and go outside every once in a while, okay?

Upon loading up the game, players will be tasked with creating a character, choosing from one of the six available classes, which each offer a distinct playing style. Some characters are better at close combat hack-and-slash, while others are better suited to standing back and dropping spells on enemy heads..."

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