Zero Punctuation compares Prototype and inFAMOUS

See who wins when Yahtzee takes on these two games.

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shocky163803d ago

Not to say Prototype is bad I love that too ;)

And with Crackdown 2 to finish this year off for superhero games it's all good!

Darkeyes3802d ago

I agree with you, but mate Crackdown 2 isn't coming out this year... Maybe next fall.

Infamous as an overall package is better. I think Yahtzee nailed those flaws in Prototype. Apart from a few powers, others seem less important. With Infamous, the thing is balanced. Even the Good and Evil powers are balanced exceptionally well.

I enjoyed Infamous more than Prototype.

Beg For Mercy3803d ago

bad he didnt do a graphics comparison cause we all know who would of won that one

kapedkrusader3802d ago

If there is a tie, like in this case, then gameplay+graphics > gameplay.

table3802d ago

that was a fun comparison :)

ptotoy3802d ago

those xbots shut up when their superhero sandbox game, prototype, looked uglier.. prototype is an example of how the crapbox is holding back this gen.. it would have been on par with infamous is it was a ps3 exclusive

danthaman153802d ago

everyone is gonna come on here and be like "well, what he MEANT to say is that infamous/prototype is clearly the better game...he just didn't mention it."

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