Will Netflix Survive the Death of DVDs?

When commercial music first appeared on cassettes, movies soon followed suit. Then came compact discs -- and film soon followed suit. And now that commercial music has all but abandoned a physical media format, DVDs' days are numbered.

Netflix (NFLX) CEO Reed Hastingsis certainly preparing for the moment when DVDs are no longer viable.

The inevitable death of the DVD has long been on Hastings' radar -- ever since the company's inception. Though Netflix set the standard for snail-mailed movie rentals, it has always been poised to take advantage of instant-streaming technology -- as the company name makes clear.

But the shift to streaming media involves a completely new set of issues.

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Keith Olbermann3802d ago

They are not stupid enough to keep their business entirely dependent on dvd and bluray. Also, I dont think dvd or bluray will be going away any time soon.


THE All Digital age will not come as soon as people think...

paul03883802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

I love these fantastic, outlandish, over the top titles. The DEATH of DVD.


Look at the numbers, DVD's death is not coming any time soon.

Just like the FAILED PS3,
or the Xbox 360 DOOMED BY RROD.

These titles are so sensational just to get more page views, and more advertising dollars. Want a good example? Look at the outrageous titles on every story featured on the "Hip Hop Gamer" site. None of them speak real news. It's just sensational speculation. Don't let it ruin your day; PS3's, Xbox 360's, and DVD's still sell and will continue to sell for a long, long time.