Trine Release Date on PC

Game-Debate have been made aware of the release date for Trine

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solar3797d ago

sweet. this should be a fun game.

Felix Nova3797d ago

We agree. Looking forward to it. Only a couple of weeks away.

Baron Squee3797d ago

The release date was given by the developers BUT they also hint that it could come a day or so earlier. Fingers crossed. Keep an eye on Game-Debate for any changes.

Jackobinen3797d ago

I'm really hoping for the same release date on the Ps3! This game looks awesome and I think I heard a whisper about splitscreen co-op somewhere, a feature way to rare these days...!

Tony P3797d ago

Yeah, is this a release date for the PC version or for all three platforms? Article is only tagged PC so I wonder.

Baron Squee3797d ago

Here is the only other mention they made
'I must stress that I have no certain date for PSN.
There will be numerous pre-order sites available, including Steam, in a couple of days.'

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