Sky Broadband sorry for PSN problems

Eurogamer writes: "Sky Broadband is fixing an error that has been blocking UK customers from accessing and using the PlayStation Network between 5pm and midnight.

The system mistakenly classified PSN as a traffic-heavy application, and therefore sought to prevent or block connections to it during peak hours. Fixing this is a matter of priority, Sky says."

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NeonSkull3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Thought my router was on the way out. Was happening to me way before vidZone launched. Started with DNS errors, so i put my ps3 into DMZ with a static IP. Still had problems, actually planned on calling then this very night to complain. wonder if i still called them how long it would take the monkey on the other end of the phone to tell me it was it known problem they were working on.

prabx3795d ago

I hate the monkey on the other end. :)

NeonSkull3795d ago

just phone sky to complain about the whole situation and could only tell me that they have no information to support the ps3 and the it was a sony problem. Telling me to phone sony.

Mr_Showtime13795d ago

This is also happening with AOL in the UK, P2P games such as CoD are unplayable from 5:15PM to 10:45PM exactly every single night of the week.

PirateThom3795d ago

A couple of months ago, there was a line severed in London that created massive problems for any traffic routing through it on multiple ISPs. I don't think that's even been fixed yet.