Last Remnant PS3 Prospects Not Looking Good

Square Enix said that Last Remnant would be multi platform. And it certainly was, having been released on both the Xbox 360 and PC. But the other target platform for the game may not see the light of day. During an investors meeting today, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada made some comments that suggest PS3 owners could be out of luck.

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DragonWarrior_43798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Damn, and to think Squeenix thought they actually published a game worth having on the system? Such a shame to anyone who wanted to rent a crappy game and laugh about it.

GameGambits3798d ago

I beat it and invested close to 120 hours into it...maybe more. The "hiccups" "bugs" w/e you want to call them were auto fixed with installation to your hard drive, so for me these "issues" were non existent.

The main two problems with The Last Remnant are the same ones that IU and SO4 suffer from---sh*t story accompanied with poor dialogue with poor voice acting. So maybe 3 things, but I couple the last two together, since they go hand in hand. The battle system was awesome, music was great, side quests enjoyable, unique way of leveling things up, and above all a challenging game to however much time you put into it.

JRPG fans wouldn't be that disappointed with it honestly. It's a solid 7.8/10 from me. It's just too hard to overlook the two problems I listed though for most, and even I was just unwowed when the curtain fell on this game.

Dark-vash3798d ago

@ zlatko
I Agree with everything you said!But noticed A LOT of problems even with the HDD instalation...

I've finished the game too, spent a lot of time in it...

FantasyStar3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Agreed, TLR is a good game and unique indeed, but the voice acting and poor story overall isn't so hot. Hell how is it that a a RPG can have a poor voice performance casts when story plus those matters more than gameplay? But anyhow, the game is worth something of a playthrough. For the record though, I thought Rush's VA did a decent job.

KampferZeon3798d ago

Those who would have already played it.

Being a PC/Console 360 exclusive doesn't change the fact that its a poorly executed average rating game.

There are better games to play on both system now.

Guitardr853798d ago

Agreed! I went ahead and bought this game for the PC and the end result??? I regretted not pirating it, loL! PS3 users won't miss that much, and they get to keep their dignity by not feeling like they have to buy a subpar game just because its an RPG on the PS3!

Jim Hawking3798d ago

I thought I was the only one who hated SO4's story/dialogue.


hulk_bash19873798d ago

Considering how lackluster the game was, both sales and review wise. Its not a lose for PS3 owners in my opinion. Square Enix just needs to concentrate on getting FF XIII out the gate.

blackpanther253798d ago

I agree the gameplay was ok, but it was lacking something. I swear i must be the only one who thought that they didn't finish their combat idea.

I mean they want you to have squads and stuff to really give you control, but at the same time you can't change people class, armors, or weapons (besides the main character). Instead they have these scenes where they will tell you that they need an item to upgrade their weapon.
I mean what is the point of giving us the ability to make squads if we can't "truly" create our own personalized squads.

gaffyh3797d ago

Finished the game, was based too heavily on chance, not enough control of your characters during battle means you could lose a battle very quickly. This meant you had to take a very JRPG approach to every major battle, meaning you'd have to prepare heavily for the battle to win.

I don't think this even deserves to be ported, I'd rather that Square Enix work on a better game. This game was OK, but most people will hate it, only hardcore JRPG fans would actually invest enough time to finish it.

menoyou3797d ago

who cares this game sux big time just like every rpg from square enix this gen so far

IdleLeeSiuLung3797d ago

I don't think this game will really be missed for PS3 owners, but hey you could have gotten it for $10 at Best Buy on the 360 about a month ago.... It is probably dirt cheap now on ebay.

Halo3 MLG Pro3797d ago

Yup. Put all the minor flaws aside and Last Remnant is a sweet jrpg. Gets a solid 8 from me.

FarEastOrient3797d ago

In Japan the want of a PS3 version of the game is still there and ranks in the top 10 still.

GameGambits3797d ago

The battle system of minion recruits in the game got their equipment upgraded as your battle rank went up. For them to learn skills you just had to use them in battle successfully and keep doing so. If you were able to manually pick each characters equipment it'd be a ton of micromanagement, especially since the game actually was a new approach to the strategy RPG genre. The lead characters saying,"can I have X item?" was just an easy way to upgrade the ones you liked, and had an item that person was geared towards having for a good upgrade to how you were progressing them. As for the characters saying, "can we go look for item X?" it was just incentive for you to go out and grind more in hopes of finding the right items to give people better equipment.

The game was for sure 100% complete on the battle system portion end. The game even later as you play starts making very intelligent choices since your characters have developed enough for them. Early on if you pick a group to heal they would all focus on it or just defend if the healing was done. Later you may pick heal with your whole group, the healers within it are all set to do heals, but once health is healed enough, the extra healers will decide to do special attacks or normal attacks based on how much action points you had saved up with them.

The game leveled with you too, so if you are a person who just plows through the game for the story it will only be as hard your battle rank is but if you side quest and grind up then the game scales with you to challenge you more. My biggest issue with the games battles was if you do grind a lot, then the game starts to do the same two abilities on almost all bosses in some form to kill you. That completely defeats the strategic portion, because one would randomly kill a character on their turn, and another would turn them to stone if I remember right. One of those was uncureable too, so you basically had crunch time to make the most use of that group until they all died.(trying to keep them alive is pointless, since if they all wipe out you can just revive them all at full health).

Anyways yeah. The only thing future SE projects worry me about is the story/dialogue. Last Remnant, IU, and SO4 are all 100% fails on that portion. I mean in SO4 the lead character on my play through cried a total of 4 times. What a wimp. IU I don't even want to get into, since I spent 2 hours with it before I just called it trash and moved on. FF13's story needs to be a complete home run, because for me this is Square's last chance to prove they know how to tell a good story. Otherwise Atlus will become #1 at JRPGs with the Persona Series hands down. :)

blackpanther253797d ago

Well.. I guess if it didn't feel incomplete to you then that is good. Maybe i just didn't like the way they did it. Maybe i had certain expectations of the battle system since they said it was squad based either way
+Bub to you for convo

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Delta3798d ago

Good, Cause nobody whats a crappy JRPG that runs on UE3. It would be a waste of time and money for them.

hay3798d ago

Well... They COULD make an improved port, but making Last Remnant a good game could cost them too much resources to make it profitable.

Christopher3798d ago

I hear the improvements they made in the PC port were well worth it compared to the 360 version. I do think it might be a bit for them to stretch themselves so far on this game with a PS3 port. More than likely the sales on the 360 and PC ended up being below expected so they've had to move on rather than try to port it to the PS3.

AKNAA3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Porting this game to the PS3 is instant profit loss. why?
3 reasons:

1. SE knows that its not that easy to please Playstation owners(maybe 360 owners) when it comes to RPGs when you consider the good ones that were released on the PS1 & PS2.

2. If this game were to be ported to the PS3, it would end up being released almost near the same time frame as FF13, which of course you know what will happen...

3. The game just sucks period.

Dread3798d ago


it is easier to please 360 owners than playstation owners!?

get over yourself u arrogant fanboy.

that is the problem with sony this gen.. they were arrogant at the start (remember all the comments made by sony execs during the launch) and created an arrogant group of fanboys. But reality has humbled Sony a bit in the past years (thx god), perhaps u should follow suit.

AKNAA3797d ago

Me, a fanboys?! Not exactly. But I do prefer the PS3 over the 360.

Well, judging by how 360 fanboys prefer sales figures over the actual quality of a game kinda made me assume that quality does not matter just as long as it sells better than the PS3 version/ or rival game...
but hey, maybe its just me.
Didn't you guys thought the last remanent and ninja blade was the next big thing since it was exclusive and all?! Lol!

Ryudo3797d ago

(3. The game just sucks period.)

I love your comment above so apparently the game sucks. allow me to ask you a question have you in-fact played the game? Do you simply have no opinion of your own and are being a blind ignorant little twat?

Am sorry but if your saying the game sucks without playing it that makes your opinion completely worthless. Your just the next retard straight out of the SDF training camp missing quite a few brain cells.

The fact you get so many agrees ever means your a multi account user, or people on this site are as stupid as yourself which is a real shame....

I have only played this game for about an hour so I wont give my opinion on it I don't think my experience with it would allow me to review it fairly. Although its clear there are people here who have played it and they gave it a solid 8.

So please I ask that you kindly shut the hell up and get out of the thread you worthless troll.

AKNAA3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

multiple accounts you say?! Lol! don't be stupid. who ever has multiple accounts to agree with themselves are pretty pathetic if you ask me...
And before you run your useless mouth again, how do you know I have not played the game? tried it out at a friends house, along with all the other people who agreed with me and said that this game sucks? just because people don't agree that its good, you assume that we're blind mindless fanboys?! Lol! kid, Get the [email protected] outtta here! you just said yourself that you played for about an hour and cannot give a final judgment yet, but strangely enough, you defend the last remanent like as if its your savior?! WTF?! if anything, your the one thats the mindless [email protected]! 1 hour of playing it and you still can't confirm to yourself wether or not you like it?! feeling a little slow there?! talk about lack of brain cells... I'm sure all game demos must be useless to you in deciding weather or not you want to buy it huh?!
BTW, how am I trolling?! isn't this article concerning PS3 owners?

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TheHater3798d ago

Everyone with a brain would have figure that one out.

jackdoe3798d ago

Yeah, especially since all word of it disappeared. Though I think it became vaporware the instant the 360 version hit and garnered horrendous reviews.

TheColbertinator3798d ago

I thought Last Remnant was a horrendous wreck from start to finish.Still it was not as terrible as Unlimited Saga

user39158003797d ago

Not even square can get the BBQ grill rolling, what a shame. Just disregard all articles about sony, they are all bad anyways. If you feel let down, just relax and go to the farthest corner that you can find and cry in a loud voice! Why, OH why, not again why those sony hardware sucks, why lord, oh why? Said the droids with a high pitch of pink dildo fever.

xXKingofStingXx3798d ago

We're out of luck?

Because we don't get Last Remnant?


i think we're some of the luckiest people to be spared of that horrendous experiment SE called a game. It's a shame to see one of yesteryears RPG titans reduced to peddling crap like this.

My how the mighty have fallen indeed...