A Q&A With Factor 5: "Easier to Port From PS3 To 360"

Here is the most interesting quoted segement from a Q&A with Lair dev Factor 5 about how he views the PS3 in terms of limitations and developement.


Q: How soon did you figure out what the PlayStation 3 could do?

A: Will we ever? (laughs). The baseline isn't hard to figure out. Yes, it's a harder ramp.

Everybody acknowledges that compared to the 360 and the Wii. It's not all that bad. It's not like

the PS 2 ramp was at the very beginning. The interesting question becomes "oh boy, we could go on

forever optimizing for the PlayStation 3." The PS 3 has more of the situation where you could go

another six months easily and forever. You can get so much more power. RSX is a known quantity. But

Cell is pretty limitless at this point.

Q: How do you look back at this point on the differences between the PS 3 and the Xbox 360?
A: You'll have a hard time if you port without having a PS 3 game in mind when you created the 360

version. That is where a lot of complaints are coming from. They created the 360 engine with a

unified memory architecture in mind, with the embedded frame buffer with its advantages and

disadvantages, and not thinking too much in early stages about multicore. If you try to get that

over to the PS 3, you're in for a bad surprise. The PS 3 is all about streamlining about the two

different memory pools. They are separate. You don't have to do tiling because you don't have an

embedded frame buffer. All of these advantages of the PS 3 turn into disadvantages if you don't

start making your game on the PS 3. Hence the griping. If you create first on the PS 3, it is

pretty easy to port it to the 360. A lot of companies coming on board now will probably start on

the PS 3 and move to the 360. The lucky thing for us is we didn't have to think about the 360 at


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power of Green 4302d ago

I have a couple of games this guy made on the 360. J/K.

SimmoUK4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

Glad some NDA's have been lifted from the looks of it so people can speak out, to sum up the CELL is a beast for graphics and physics and Blu-Ray helps to create huge detailed enviroments, this is a must read...

I would of gone with the title "CELL is limitless at this point" though.

But good to see some of the porting is being cleared up as well...

Sevir044302d ago

this is cool. and he validated why Gears looks so good. the engine is made for Streaming... as a matter of fact. i think it was the first game in the 360 life of a year that supported streaming. and in that recent things about 10 reasons the ps3 will win from insomniacs Chiep concept and art director... he stated that the reason gears looked much better than resistance is that gears supported HDR and streaming while resistance being a launch title and the ps3 full library was only finalized 4 t0 5 months prior to the game being released. there for supporing streaming would be like scrapping the game and starting over... So thats why Ratchet is looking even better than resistance and looks that good because it supports the HDR and Streaming engine that they created for that game... man and resistance for a launch game looked amazing to say the least. better that just about most of the 360 titles for that year. only being topped by gears and Rainbow six. which both looks outstanding. which is why i think that HS will definately be the game to dupe gear visually. and MGS4 at it's release will probably match hS or even dupe it... lair is gonna be freaking awesome... developers need to take hints from devs like team ninja and insomniac and factor five and most definately evolution and ninja theory. cool. now we know more about the hurdles that the ps3 has and how devs work around it. and reasons why gears looked so good.

JsonHenry4302d ago

The Devs knew what they were doing.

Also - the ATI card is more powerful than the 7800GTX in the PS3.

The funny thing is - both Nvidia AND ATI have more powerful video cards than the 360 and PS3 have in them out already. While everyone is talking about how great the Cell and X360 video cards are - the PC is already light years beyond the consoles!

Just do a search for Crysis!

Lucidmantra4302d ago

problem with your comment... The Xbox 360...

3.2 GHz PPC Tri-Core Xenon

oops... its triple core CPU and quite fast.

Just to get the facts straight.

SimmoUK4302d ago

That Gears is a Linear limited experience because of not having enough space and that the Unreal Engine is basically just that, no wonder Microsoft is trying to use it to keep up with PS3, glad to hear even more confirmation of the power of CELL as well...

Bebedora4302d ago

...Whom are you to question? (lets the paranoia continue)