ATI Releases More "R600" Details

320-stream processors, named ATI Radeon HD 2900

AMD has named the rest of its upcoming ATI Radeon DirectX 10 product lineup. The new DirectX 10 product family received the ATI Radeon HD 2000-series moniker. For the new product generation, AMD has tagged HD to the product name to designate the entire lineup's Avivo HD technology. AMD has also removed the X-prefix on its product models.

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PS360PCROCKS4261d ago

Sick! That's a bad ass card, might have to get me one of those, and 24x anti-aliasing? Are you kidding me ATI? that's INSANE!!

CAPS LOCK4261d ago

are starting to own nivida, the specs of this card are "sick" as xbox360rocks said. i have to agree with u 100%

soccerstar4261d ago

well i may have to go ati this time for dx10 when i upgrade from my 7800gtx

marison4261d ago

... with a cheap 64 stream processors ATI Radeon HD 2100 ;-)

ATI Xenos/Xbox 360 GPU: 48 stream processors/unified shaders
Nvidia Geforce 8800: 128 stream processors/unified shaders
ATI R600/Radeon HD 2800: 320 stream processors/unified shaders

Maybe they have included some eDRAM too. If so, that 24x anti-aliasing could be possible with almost no impact on performance.

JsonHenry4261d ago

this card only needs an extra underpowered processor and it would be faster and have more RAM than any current GEN Console, lol!

JsonHenry4261d ago

Should I sell my 8800GTS for this card? I want BENCHMARKS YESTERDAY!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.