Sony Finally Finds Smart Marketing

TPG writes, "Pushing digital downloads is one of the smartest plans that Sony has come up with in recent years. Considering the constant news of GameStop's never-ending record profits, mainly in used games, all consoles publishers need to find a way to get away from the secondary market. Digital downloads are the key."

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Neco5123803d ago

Totally agree that they need to support the PSP GO much faster and fuller than they did in previous years with the PSP

bgrundman3803d ago

It think that in the past it was more of an infrastructure issue. Now that they have that fully built out, they should be able to take better advantage of it.

XxSpiiKeZxX3802d ago

only Sony supported the homebrew community like have all the features of custom firmwire without being able to play hacked games, but that can be a challenge...dnt get me wrong ive downloaded bout 5 games totally not worth 40 bucks but other than that i always buy my games rip them and put it to my memory card
the PSP is so much better with custom firmwire b/c its almost like the app store in apple itouch/iphone, sure they dnt make buig impacts but they increase entertainment

IdleLeeSiuLung3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

I'm a proponent against DLC. Why? Other than Valve almost every other major digital download service cost as much as the retail version and limits you in the DRM (such as how many times you can download or transfer rights).

As a consumer you have almost no real benefits with all the downsides. Consider:

- old games carry a value (albeit for most it is next to nil, unless it is a rare collectible game)
- you are never restricted in lending your game away
- you can at anytime transfer the license to another person (reselling your game or trading it in at GameStop/others)
- retailers frequently clearance out old games you can get at a bargain. Examples, I recently purchased Prince of Persia (360) at Target for $15, GH: Aerosmith (PS3) for $10 and even better the same game with an official Guitar accessory for $10 at GameStop.
- your old system (unless worn out) will still work with your old games. What happens when MS/Sony decides to shut down their service (see online music sales for examples of this)?

The cost savings publishers claim will not be passed down to consumers. It will just be pocketed.

As a gamer, I say do NOT support DLC until many of those areas are properly addressed!!!

edhe3802d ago

Smart marketing and the PSP Go don't gel.

Having a unit with lesser abilities, no descernible improvement other than aesthetics and charging another 50% on top of the previous model?


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CrAppleton3803d ago

The PSP GO is a bust... I'm love my PSP 3000, and I was honestly looking forward to the GO.. but since there will be no exclusive content on it.. I have no reason to purchase it

bgrundman3803d ago

I own a PSP Slim, but I have to admit that I am eyeballing a PSPGO... does that make me crazy? I guess I am a sucker for gadgets.

PotNoodle3803d ago

Why would there be exclusive content for the PSP Go?

ITS STILL THE SAME PSP! It has just been reshaped and had the UMD drive removed.

Its the same platform, why can't people get them into their heads?

CrAppleton3802d ago

You're right.. it's MORE of the SAME.. which makes it NOT appealing at all

PotNoodle3802d ago

It was never supposed to be anything drastically different. It is supposed to be an ALTERNATIVE.

If someone is looking to buy a PSP they can then ask themself, do they prefer a downloadable only platform or would like UMD's, if they like downloadable only and prefer the smaller form factor (and imo, superior control layout) then they get get a PSP GO, if not, they get a PSP 3000.

I own a fully functioning PSP 1000 and i'm getting a PSP Go simply because i prefer downloadable games for a portable system and has a much better control layout.

You're completely missing the point of it if your complaint is that it is more of the same..

poopsack3802d ago

thats like saying the PS3 slim isnt appealing at all, and look at people going apeshit over it.

mfwahwah3802d ago

This is like complaining about every new 360 / PS3 SKU they come out with. They're not new systems. They're slightly different systems.

EXACT SAME THING. Except with a PSP, which, if you don't already know, they've done before (PSP 1000 - PSP 3000)

TapiocaMilkTea3802d ago

PSP Go is not intended to appeal to current PSP owners. It's targeted to newcomers and may take some market share from iTouch.

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CrAppleton3803d ago

I do like the fact that Sony is going digital. Looks like it will be the future of gaming for sure..

Superduper093803d ago

I hope not. I prefer having a physical copy of a game rather than the digital version.

D4RkNIKON3803d ago

Both physical media and Digital download together is the future. Read my blog post about it and you will see why.

Troll-Killer3802d ago

LOL...I guess now that SONY'S doing it, it's suddenly "the future". But when MS said it for the past few years, Sony fanboys laughed.

In fact, this whole article is bogus...starting with the first sentence: "Pushing digital downloads is one of the smartest plans that Sony has come up with in recent years. "

REALLY? Hmmm... I guess the fact that MS revolutionized the entire industry through Marketplace, and how they continually push the viability of quality DLC, over disc-based content, is irrelevant. And I love how, just because it's Sony, there's no storage issue AT ALL. Suddenly, 16GB of flash is PLENTY of an age of handheld devices, like mp3 players with well over 100GB HDDs, and cellphones with 100GB compact flash.

Yeah, let's pat Sony on the back for their "great marketing", and amazing foresight. :o

D4RkNIKON3802d ago

While you have a valid point about this article, do you have to sound like such a whiner while you do it?

dcbronco3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

I could have sworn Kaz said that DD wouldn't arrive for ten years. Funny what losing a ton of money can do to the mind. It leads you away from your failing greed based formats(Blu-ray and UMD), toward the far more lucrative DD. And don't worry Sony, judging from N4G, the fanboys will follow where ever you lead.


I'm not sure pointing out facts is whining.

Neco5123802d ago

Really? MS has been doing this for years? I can't recall the last time I saw a download only console from Microsoft.. what a tard fanboy

masterg3802d ago

There is a difference. MS is taking about digital downloads of games that are 20-50GB. On the PSP we are talking 1.4GB.
1.4GB is now. 20-50GB is the future.

labaronx3802d ago

good point... this is the first time any "console" (pc excluded) has had full on support from it's parent company and developers for full retail and downloadable games it just happens to be sony.....

who ironically was the first to offer full retail games on psn (not many but still) Burnout Paradise, GT5P, Socom Confrontation, Ghost Recon 2 (europe)

but sony does put their foot in their mouth a lot because they first denied it was relevant but went on to support it anyway due to consumer demand

RememberThe3573802d ago

I pretty sure he was referring to the PS3. PS3 games are only going to get bigger and now days can be 100 times bigger then PSP games. downloading a 50Gb game is about ten years away. Both internet speeds and HDD space need to grown immensely before DD full PS3 games become practical.

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Spolodaface3803d ago

Hmm, let's hope their not ahead of their time. We don't need another Dreamcast.

maverick11913803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

i think we wont see proper digital downloads by at least another 3 years people's broadbands aren't lightning fast YET.

Most people have 1-5mb connections so downloading say a game like kz2 would take ages i prefer physical over digital anyday, but still nice to see sony pushing some classics on the ps store

Uzesgelen_Goo3802d ago

xbox360 already begin released dvd full games as downloadable so why not SOny? peoples who don't have high speed connections should buy hard copy and peoples who have high speed connections should get DD titles but they have choice to buy hard copy too so?! what's the point?!

PirateThom3802d ago

Sony had full games before Microsoft.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Warhawk, SOCOM: Confrontation, Burnout Paradise.

Uzesgelen_Goo3802d ago

first DD game was on PC (because you can pirate any full game from internet by downloading hehe)

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